The Power of Rest


There is power in a lot of things, power in praise, power in worship, in words, the wonder working power in the blood. His name. We receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon us. And that is power from on high. The Holy Spirit is power, and love and that sound mind we need so desperately as believers.

And we know His peace from John 14:27 is a precious and holy, sacred gift but there is another power. His rest, if you can ever comprehend the Sabbath rest it is power, God completed His work and rested, Jesus completed His work on the cross and sat down with the Father. It is finished. There is power in His peace, His rest, His sanctuary, and like that vestibule of worship, we are to be His temple, a living sacrifice to God, the best examples of His love we can be.

He has paid the price once and for all who believe. Salvation, forgiveness, and angelic protection, healing and so many more benefits we are daily loaded with to carry us through to His rest if we can receive it. Too many of us are wandering, like the children of Israel, here is you rest and they would not take it. They didn’t want God, they wanted a king and when they did tell God they could do anything He said, they failed miserably breaking the commandments.

Jesus fulfilled them and ushered in grace and truth, and gave us His Spirit to teach, comfort and remind us of His words. Again the Lord offered us this Sabbath rest. It is not merely physical rest, it is mental, spiritual. When everything is spiraling out of control like a tornadic and harsh wind, even with evil on every side, you know it will not come near you, angels are at your side, no matter how many fall it will not be you.

If others get demoted, not you. Lose money, not you. Suffer from sickness, you can stand on Isaiah 53. If even the worst of storms blow your way, you will not fear, it is just a shadow of death, He has restored your soul. You see what I mean. Your words are His, and they are pure, peaceful and powerful. You can rest because He doesn’t have to.

You get more accomplished after a good night’s sleep and maybe even a nap. And you move spiritual warfare. You can rest because Jesus rests in you in the person of His Holy Spirit. In the Holy Spirit, He will give you rest. That is another area of His power. The enemy hates for you to rest. Why? Because then you are powerful.

And demons and the devil roam, they have no rest, and will try to get back into minds and hearts, flesh.  And they very ones they are put from, why we have to be diligent. Believers are not possessed but often oppressed, and should be aware of those devices. Your fears, anxieties, torments, can can get worse if you will not enter His rest. So rest in His love and promises, He is your God, greater is He in you.

If you are baptized in His Spirit, you have the same power that raised Him from the dead and quickens you. You have the Holy Spirit at salvation, but there is John’s baptism and Jesus’ baptism, Jesus got both at the same time when the Spirit of God came on Him.

To me, it is a shame and disgrace that the church has not taught this more. We need Jesus desperately in these trying times before His return. Why do you think He slept in the boat during the storm, which was demonic, they were approaching Decapolis, really, ten cities that were wicked, and the madman was there in the tombs, now that is power. I like to think He could hear that man’s heart crying out for help as he was tormented so.

He had power. He had rest, and He wants us to have power and rest. We may never encounter a madman and never be in a storm on a lake but we have our own trials to overcome, and we will, in fact we have by the blood of the Lamb and the Word of His testimony, Jesus finished it, can we believe that and rest in His power, His love?

His blood is power.

His name is power

His rest is power.

Wellington Cunha / pexels Adobe Spark


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