Resting In The Lord

If you have read my blog, you know I like to use photographs that relay a message and I am partial to certain photographers who do beautiful work. If you have not read my blog, now you know. So, it may strike you funny how this woman is lying in the road but she is perfect for Resting in the Lord.

I have been asked to pray for people recently, women with returning cancer diagnoses, saying goodbye to babies and grown children, people in horrific crashes, someone not expected to survive heart surgery. So many with such requests. It is always a privilege to pray and I have seen miracles. We are spared many times more than we know and yet, faced with such obstacles, the Lord is still near.

And you know what? Because He rested His head on cross with a crown of thorns we can rest in the Lord. I never mean that to sound trite. It is not what you what to necessarily hear when facing loss or hardship, when you are in deep pain. But it is still true, you just have to learn about this rest of faith.

Many misunderstand it. The Israelites refused His rest and God withdrew it for a while, when Jesus was crucified, Paul explains it is Hebrews 4 and says we should be careful not to fall short of it. I used to hear about falling short of His glory, but His rest? We all now we have sinned and fallen short of glory, Romans 3:23, 24. But His rest? That was so new for me to hear.

He is so compassionate and full of grace and mercy, even if you feel like you are lying in the street about to be run over, or perhaps, you, like myself, have been thrown under the proverbial bus with accusations, insults or just things that have blown your way and even in helping you have been hurt. You can still rest in Him. You really can.

As I said, I never mean to sound trite or critical, even condescending. How many times did I hear, there’s nothing wrong with me ( from a minister ), nothing wrong with the Word, so it must be you!? And finally, I heard the truth, and honest word about  that, that it was counting people out, we were being disqualified, more of a revelation and a rhema word from Him, how much He loves us and what the enemy had done to convince some in ministry, that others are somehow not getting it, when actually though there are some who don’t and never will or don’t want to there are others with strong faith whom the enemy has deceived with notion, they are doing something wrong.

When we are always repenting, soul searching, looking for some hidden sin, binding the devil, we are not focusing on Jesus. All of our attention is on us or the enemy, and it should be on Jesus, who took our place. He is not counting us down or out, He defeated the devil and offers us rest in the storm.

We don’t have to go round and round and fight battle after battle, let’s rest in Him, let the devil get hit instead of us. It is time to stand up, and lay down the cares and worries and rest in Him. He loves you, He died for you. He should be where you look to, where your thoughts turn to, who you should run to and not from.

Let’s lie down and sleep in peace, and not toss and turn like we are in road. It is time to rest in His perfect love, we may not be but He is, and He what’s best for us in mind and in His heart, He does not lie or fail, is not condemning us, but calling us to rest. Let’s rest in the Lord.

lehandross / pexels Adobe Stock

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