Focus On His Rest

We have talked before at length about the Lord being our focus. He has to be. When we look at our problems, we are not resting. When we look at the solution to them, we can rest. If cancer or something is your focus, and that doesn’t mean not to do what you can, then it takes on an importance far more than the healing you need. The same is true as to finances, your children’s problems or any number of things. The enemy likes to minimize Jesus and maximize the problem, but we know better, we magnify the Lord.

I know because I had pain to be my focus and though I constantly reminded myself that I believed in Jesus as the healer, I had a sense of identifying with His suffering, and accepting mine. While my focus was Him and His sacrifice, I was seeing His pain and not His glorified self. My focus was pain, not healing and really not Him. Not the risen and living Lord.

It is true of the mental side as well, depression and anxiety. The question is not what am I going to do about it rather what has the great I AM already done or have in mind. Without Him we are absolutely nothing, our efforts are in vain because salvation is a gift we need not earn or else it is not grace.

I am not telling you that you don’t have legitimate concerns, or being critical. But you give power to what you focus on, so shouldn’t it be Jesus and not the problem? Depression has a way of deceiving you, drawing you into yourself and what is wrong with your life. Why me? Why not you? You must have a testimony if you are having a spiritual battle. I do realize other factors are at work and would always tell someone to seek help, but the point is not to let the problem be bigger than the God you serve or it may become a kind of idolatry.

I would classify myself as an amateur photographer at best, I had someone tell me that bokeh, the kind of blur in the background and the focus on the image in the foreground, much like our camera here, though it is done many times with lights, is a perfect description of how we focus our attention on something.

Naturally, expertise and talent factor in, but you can take better pictures with a better camera. Remember the disposable ones? And they used to sell for a dollar when they first became popular, a good camera in 1925 was about fifty dollars, And the flash bulbs, and instant ones. You get the picture, pun intended

Is Jesus in forefront or background, is your knowledge of Him, skewed or blurred. Let me tell you He loves you and He wants to know you better, so give Him some time. He already knows your heart needs His rest, the problem and the solution. I do take Jesus very seriously. I think in many ways, He as always been my focus, but if I ever start looking at the problem or the other people who could solve it instead of Him, well, it gets harder to focus.

If you are photographer you will get the imagery, perhaps you know about focus and angles, how to frame a face and lighting, and even if you are like me, someone with a good eye and an interest, sometimes I have to choose hobbies, I like so many things, you will understand focusing on Jesus and on His rest.

Looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Hebrews 12:2

He is seated and at rest, and we should focus on Him and rest.

pexels/ AdobeSpark

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