Opening The Prayer Closet

I was a good closet organizer, lately though, I am dealing with clutter. If I get it packed, it never gets to Goodwill, it is in the garage. The more stuff I get out, it is like the more there is in there. I move things from one place to another and there just looks like there is more and more, can junk or garbage or donations multiply?

You can ask my mother though, her closet was great, summer winter, I had it organized, I matched clothes, had shoes in boxes, winter and summer.  I would even hang a scarf, necklace or cross on a sweater or put a pin on a  coat. Then a large rack fell, it just hasn’t been the same.

Having house guests who stay a while doesn’t help, then my office was moved and the closet piled up. I was hoping to find a picture of a lady standing in front of a closet with stuff about to fall out on her, that’s about the way I feel about closet organizing right now, and you know what, I think our prayer closets could use a tidying up. Like the real closets, it can filled with stuff, not only ours but other peoples, sometimes stuff has overstayed its welcome.

Believe me, I include myself in this. I got to get my organizing back in sync or cadence. What happened, cares of the world, etc.  Have you let your prayer closet pile up. I think maybe I have, I have answered all the prayer requests I got, but my own I need to prioritize. I don’t make resolutions, I never keep them, but like God keeps His promise, eventually, I do get around to keep mine as best I can.

My prayer closet has been full, I get a lot of requests. I do let housework go and catch up later. Lives are more important, and sharing His love, so I blog a lot. Still I had to rest and maybe a little bit more stuff piles in there. Praying for a boy with bone cancer, comes before putting away some of the groceries that will wait.

The rule usually is if you haven’t worn it in a year, donate it. Don’t keep clothes too large or small, in case you gain or lose weight. How many shoes do we really need? Seriously? I know I am good at finding the cutest boots. If it is squished way in the back, it probably wasn’t important. I once found stuff with tags from clearance, don’t get something and then never wear it. Purses are something that will overflow on you. I don’t know about you, but I can only carry one at a time and it usually a comfortable and reasonable one, that goes well with most things. I am not being stooped over by a heavy shoulder bag, not happening.

Though this was meant to be a fun post, there is wisdom here. Some housework will be repetitive or daily. Closests shouldn’t be one of them nor just a place to hide stuff. Cleaning house isn’t moving clutter from one place to another. I think that is why a lot of people are not good housekeepers, they were never taught, never bothered to learn or just accepted the fact they couldn’t do it like their mamas. They get tired, family won’t help. Get some rules in place, I sure need too as well.

We don’t have to be perfect because He is and makes up a lot of the difference in our lives but that doesn’t mean we give up and let go. We should do everything we can to make our homes and families comfortable and live in His peace and not chaos. And not be exhausted from cleaning, delegate chores, eye rolls or not. And husbands should know how to start a washer. I know no one can ever it, whatever it is, socks, spoons or paper towels. And it is usually, right there.

Open your prayer closet, and the the junk fall out, pack it up and give it to Jesus or share with a prayer warrior, if you have too much to handle. Let go of the little and unnecessary thing that in there, even if you have to tell someone, ” I know you asked me to or I volunteered to…but I’m sorry I won’t be able to, whatever. You can back out gracefully, if you are overextended. Pray first, before you tackle too much. I am guilty, here. I will try to do everything for everybody. I’m not God I just work for Him.

You know I told someone I would have to read Ezra, was invited to read Luke a chapter a day in December, haven’t even started. I turn down a lot of things, selling cosmetic, helping with used clothing, book launches. I can’t do everything and do what I do. My closet piles up and it will fall out on me when I open the door.

As we head into a New Year and close out a few post in our Winter Warrior series, let’s make our prayer closets safe and enjoyable, and a place of rest, where we can give our battles to Him, they belong to Him anyway, we are just the victors.

Melissa Henderson / Unsplash / Adobestock

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