Stolen Gifts And Miracles

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Yes he’s a mean one Mr. Grinch! Haven’t we all seen and enjoyed that? But unlike the grinch whose heart is changed by the fact that Christmas is more than what he has stolen, our adversary will never change. And he has come to steal, kill, and destroy, John 10:10, but the good news is Jesus, who came to give life and life more abundantly, so who is going to be bothered by a grinch?

Well, we all have been from the little  things that are not just fun and games but total mischief, impish little minions causing chaos to the more sinister mental anguishes of grief and depression, the horrendous fear that keeps us from rest. We have all been there. With the Lord as shepherd, we should not lack, but sometimes we do, whether financial or the spiritual acumen to overcome in Jesus.

The term porch pirate was something I have become familiar with, not that I have had any I know of in my neighborhood and yet, I know Jesus has been at the door, Revelation 3:20 and He says to ask in His name, He wanted us to have joy. So is that spiritual porch pirate stealing gifts and even miracles? Oh yes, he has. So let’s take care of the grinch once and for all.

You know he wants your healing, your joy and peace and rest, any good gift God gives you. The thief would rob you blind, but he shouldn’t be able to, we have to lock all the doors and windows to our soul. Be careful what we hear and see, and especially, say. We can give him way too much credit. Jesus thought it was not robbery to be equal with God because He was and is the beloved Son of God. He said so as Jesus was baptized, though many did not hear some  did.

But the enemy is another instance altogether. Thinking he was equal to God and really, the green with envy jealous of Jesus, and a failed coup to take over heaven got him kicked out forever. Jesus called him the prince of this world and told the disciples he had been judged, he is forever fallen and damned eternally. And he also found nothing in Jesus to latch on to, nothing he could trick him with, he could not make him quit, nor fail in his coming to die for us, He finished His work.

I’m wondering how often Jesus has been at the door, not only that His return is imminent but delivering our gifts and miracles. The enemy can’t steal from Jesus, but he does either wrestle it away from us, sneak off with it little by little or just walk up and take it of the doorstep. How often have we been so close to a breakthrough, getting that business going and prospering, writing that novel, or most importantly receiving a miracle, and it be made off with by the unrepentant grinch, who is still jealous of Jesus and would like nothing better that to interfere in the lives of the beloved.

Well, too bad, grinch. Your days are numbered. You may have come down with a vengeance, but your time is short. The greater one lives in us and you are in no way, nor have you ever been equal with God, Jesus or the Holy Spirit. His love puts you out every time, it heals, makes whole and returns any gift or miracle, because we know the thief. And he can stay green with envy at how much we are loved.

I love to study the Bible and I know a perfect couple was deceived, though Adam was a willing sinner, quick to blame the woman, that still happens, you know. And vice versa. But God made men to love like Jesus, and women to be loved by men who love like Jesus, who know their place and step on the grinch instead of listening to him.

So as we wind down from the holidays, let’s be determined to let God be God and give Him glory for the most precious gift of His Son and the Comfort and companionship of His Spirit. No more stolen gifts or miracles, we have the power to shut him out for good and God will repay him with a vengeance. Oh, the price Jesus paid to spare us, let’s not let the grinch have Christmas, he can never have Christ. And he will never defeat Christ. Yes, he’s a mean one, Mr. Grinch. We never defeat him in our power but…..

Greater is He that is in me than he who is in the world. 1 John 4:4

Clement Percheron / pexels / AdobeSpark

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