A Season of Miracles


God can perform miracles anytime. He parted a sea, made the sun stand still. He created the laws of physics and He can bend them. Miracle is term that gets tossed about, there are little miracles everyday, but are we about to see bigger than ever before? I hope so!

We have just passed through the Jewish High Holy days and Halloween lurked around the corner, Thanksgiving came and went and now Christmas, past. It is not a time to give in to fear that has long oppressed us as we have been, as women of faith and grace, attacked again and again with health issues and mental anguish, if not or own, someone’s we have to deal with, a loved one or even someone who is unrelenting at work, perhaps school or even church. Christians are human and fallible when God is not, they will often be the source of a problem instead of the solution.

I read a great testimony the other day about a couple who were literally raised from the dead, and the daughter, a miracle. Seeing the photo of the crash, I could hardly believe what was left, something so big, crushed to look like a toaster. God is at work even if we don’t always know it, that is why it is faith. What we don’t see, we just have to believe and let Him be God.

Believe me, I tried to be so like Jesus, He can be a tough act to follow but I believe in  miracles, I have seen a lot of them. Ecclesiastes 3 is read at Sukkot and we are wrapping that up already. To everything there is a season. Is He planning a season of miracles? A harvest of souls? Did things happen in the spirit this fal, this holiday season? Maybe, some were known and some are yet to come.

I know it is cooler, and even cold in many places. As you take walks, or enjoy the winter and relax in the evening with cocoa, take a moment to reflect on the wonders of the seasons of fall and winter. And look forward to spring and summertime, with the hope of His deliverance and breakthrough.

The counterpart or should I say the adversary’s season is steeped in superstition, witchcraft, trickery, division and deceit. Don’t fall into traps set by the wicked one that takes your mind off the beauty of Christ. And when that happens and your world is ugly, it will try to overtake you. Do whatever you can to keep the true beauty of His love in your heart.

We have been through a lot of seasons, just like the chapter says and we are in one or another now, you will read there is a time to speak and one to keep silent. Jesus was silent before His accusers and so must we be. Don’t get into arguments, lose your temper, go to sleep angry. It is a trap. Keep some silence in your day, and pray quietly, and receive His peace.

Cast down those thoughts, imaginations, that bother you that are against the knowledge of God. He is the greater one and all He has to do do is give the word and His Son could return. And I won’t be surprised if even before that, He brings a season of miracles.

Jill111 / pixabay

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