The Will To Live

It’s Christmas Day and I’m writing this post that would appear a little unusual but it is not, and I will explain it. Suicide and depression have been such a topic. There is way too much of it in the body of Christ. I wrote a post called Contemplating Suicide a while back that has been read by many including ministers and relatives of suicide victims, it is a dark place of the mind and heart.

We are spirits, created in the image of God, who is Spirit. The verse says where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom. And there is. He gives us a free will and we should have freedom in Christ as believers whom the Son sets free.  But often, much too often, we are bound to emotions and feelings that cause us to lose that will to live, even those with chronic or terminal illness can lose hope, but our hope is Jesus, we can’t lose Him and He never loses us.

We, as spirit beings are affected by spirits, evil spirits and tormenting spirits, even unclean ones, and you can’t wash that off, except with the Word,  but the good news is we don’t have to be if we keep our mind on Jesus and not the problem, I know it  may not be easy but it can be done by renewing our minds and rest in Him. He keeps us in perfect peace with our mind on Him. Isaiah 26:3, and yes, His yoke is easy and light, and it is easy to receive from a loving Lord, but keeping ourselves secreted in His sacred rest requires us to change our way of thinking and not allow those overwhelming and oppressive thoughts to overtake the life He has planned for us.

So many people simply do not realize the spiritual side of mental oppression, but there are good counselors out there, both Christian and secular and I never tell anyone not get help. I do encourage them to have hope and that hope is Jesus our soul’s anchor of faith. Believers can not be possessed, but very much oppressed in dealing with not only their faith and life but helping others. Caregiving is draining and some people are just toxic and should be avoided. Holy Spirit discernment is a bonus here.

And even if you do not feel suicidal, it can be the not caring if you live or die and that is just as bad. You lose hope and that leads to depression, anxiety and fear. Allowing these thoughts and feeling to continue and even linger is like inviting a curtain or even shroud of grief or despair.

The church or at least some of them are more willing to discuss the topic. But really, a lot of things are just demons with a name keeping you from Christ or oppressing you, so you can’t help others or even through others. Tormenting spirits are very real from past traumas, ongoing situations, and even enemy attack. They will attempt to keep you from receiving breakthroughs, healing, the miraculous and even deliverance. Jesus gave us the authority to bind those spirits and loose them from their assignments and I pray that for you today, In His name.

Demons and the devil have no rest, but we do in Him, that is one of the reasons they try so hard to get back in and when they do they leave a person in a worse state, Jesus said so. Sometimes, we need to let people grow in faith and others may benefit from the baptism of the Spirit, I think it is good if people accept both at salvation, but many of us were not taught that, and we have no doubt suffered for it. The gift of tongues lets you speak mysteries, many times it will tell the devil off in ways we will never know.

I realize that people will feel they don’t have a reason to live or no hope at all. I know in my own life what my reasons for living were, and I know I lost some of them. I realized this Christmas that I have a precious gift of the will to life, something and someone to live for, and I have Jesus.

I don’t have to live to get even with the devil, the Lord’s vengeance is on him, not out of spite or anger, even bitterness at having had such attacks on my faith. I have nothing to prove, and no one to account to but for the Lord and I am so glad for Hi great mercy.

People and life will disappoint you, and some problems and people are easier to walk away from. Remember, as a believer in Christ, you are precious to Him and your life is and you can value it and cherish it and be a blessing to others but you. Turn to Him and don’t put up with the enemy’s nonsense for another moment. You are a beloved child of God and He is your shield. Hold fast to Him.

Your reason for living is not to defeat the enemy but to overcome through Jesus. Jesus defeated Him on the cross and you won’t in your own strength but in His. All he wants to do is love you. I realized how the enemy was planning to attack me with the idea of giving up and so much more but Jesus is my light and life and even if there was no one to live for He is my reason to live.

He puts the sparkle in our eyes, the shine on our faces and His love in our hearts.

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