Christmas Memories


We all have them. Good and bad. I thought I would share some of mine, and I will pass on the bad. Mostly, because of the grace of God I have had Christmas In My Heart, like my new Pinterest board.

You will see Cary Grant there as Dudley, the angel from A Bishop’s Wife, a classic holiday film. One of his lines to Loretta Young is that she is one of the people who knows how to make heaven on earth. I like that, I have tried to be one.

I always enjoyed shopping for ornaments with my mother, we have had a revolving Victorian tree for years, until we had children who would break things in. We have helped children, some more difficult than others, but we always enjoyed shopping, buying or donating clothes and toys, and we had lots of Christmas parties.

Singing Christmas carols has always been a joy. Having a blog and sharing the past few years has been great. when I was little, it was a big deal to drive around looking at lights, one man used to put Santa and reindeer over a lake, that was a treat. And one year, I was positive, I heard sleigh bells late at night. Someone told me there was no Santa at seven, but they never convinced me there was no Jesus. I know better! And I taught children who were older that Santa was a game based on the real one, they never told smaller ones. We made fudge, cakes, cookies and dipped chocolate pretzels. Stuffed stockings, wrapped presents. One year my uncle blurted out what he was wrapping, I had to laugh out loud. We played secret Santa.

I always tried to buy gifts all year and save them back, and the after Christmas sales were good, I could even cover birthdays and when you just need a gift, you have one. I always wanted to decorate the tree a have a giant closet to push it in until next year. It would often take me three or four days to get it decorated and the same to take it down that was kind of sad, I watched poodles eyes asking me why. And they are a precious memory, in every family photo, even the ones I didn’t take. A part of the family, now with Jesus, my Yorkie inherited a Christmas outfit.

Every moment of life is sacred, not to be taken lightly, so even the bad memories, let God heal them, cherish the good ones, and laugh at the mishaps, okay, the bad memories, a broken ankle, totally undecorating the leaning tree, forgetting a present for someone, a guy almost setting my hair on fire with a lit candle in at church recital, I didn’t know it. I had long hair then, and my mother told me late how she cringed at him being behind me.

I never could get my family’s cooperation and participation like I wanted to but that is okay, they are just not the same as me. We are all different, but I was just blessed with a vivid and colorful imagination and a deep love for Jesus, so I suppose, It’s A Wonderful Life.

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!


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