Jesus, The Greatest Gift.


It is nothing new to write about Jesus being my best gift ever, I suppose I knew Him somewhat or perhaps, even a lot as a child. I was saved at eleven and in November, so He was a sort of early Christmas gift, one I grew to appreciate more and more.

You know how children will often play with boxes and not gifts, take a look and something and put it aside, or it can be a new thing for a while but winds up in the closet or donation box, and worse broken or even worn.

I could not knit, but I kept tying knots into a blanket that was worn, finally, cutting a keepsake slice. I have glued and mended and kept up with pieces, and lately I have had to let a few go when I just couldn’t help it.

Jesus isn’t like that, you don’t have to wind Him up, replace His batteries, He never wears out, He already went through a crucifixion once and for all who would believe. He doesn’t sleep or slumber, though He is at rest, but He had to on earth.

He doesn’t belong in a closet or gathering dust on a shelf, He should be on a pedestal, adored and worshiped, and for the non Catholics, I mean figuratively, though I know no one worshiping idols, they can be really anything you put before Him.

Jesus can go with you anywhere, He is all in one piece, though He was poured out in a garden and on a cross. You can talk to Him and He will answer by His Spirit as you learn discernment. He never gets old, you won’t have to wash Him or throw Him in a dryer.

You can’t soil or stain Him. He will never get lost. I once gave a neighbor’s daughter a couple of gifts, she was small, I sang to her when she was baby. So, as a toddler, she didn’t appreciate them quite so much, but grew to love a toy angel.

It is the same with Jesus, we often don’t realize what we have, until we really need Him or think He isn’t listening or is gone, which He isn’t if you have believed on His name. He will wait for you to come to Him or back to Him.

I know I was blessed, though often it was like He was in the background of my life and I was looking ahead to new blessings that were taking a long time. He was really way ahead of me, waiting for me, walking with me, my gift that I carried everywhere, who was with me all the time, when I sang or prayed and even in my tears.

As I grew up and older, I had an even deeper appreciation for His sacrifice. I have taught Sunday School and Women’s Bible Studies, but I think mostly, I was a prayer warrior, and I always taught children about Jesus. Though I didn’t teach a lot, I feel I have done more online.

But it isn’t about me, it’s all about Him and what I do I want to glorify Him, He wanted me to shine like He does, I may not have always measured up but He was gracious, and I was appreciative, some things I know He did  in ways I never understood but always in love.

Yes, Jesus is our greatest gift, and I pray you know Him as Lord, and if you don’t be wise and seek Him the season. He is as close as a prayer. Merry Christmas.

Virgin Mary and Child by Italian painter Roberto Ferruzzi, 1897.

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