Do You Believe?


Do you believe? I know we profess to be believers in Christ. But do we really believe? When it comes right down to it and you have to face up to something, is your faith full or lacking? We’ve all been there, but Jesus knows, He understands. He is so good, His words to Jairus ring true, ” Don’t be afraid, just believe. ”

When you have a poor diagnosis or a loved one does? Can you really believe He heals? He does, but like salvation not everyone receives. Sometimes, through no fault of their own. While anyone who hears and I really believe most people have, they have a choice, but not everyone receives from God in other ways.

I say through no fault of their own because He has a better time in some instances. And sometimes, they have not been taught.  Or someone has been cruel and mocked, causing them to give up. It happens. And it happens a lot. I see it a lot. Have you seen heartbreak on someone’s face?

If you truly believe He is the Son of God and died for you, never let anyone take that from you, no matter what. You can trust Him above anyone else. He will not lie, His word is true and His promises are good.  Do you believe? And do you rest in promises? Do you receive? Rest is a place, God created for us, we need to go there.

Do you believe He wants you free from depression, grief and fear? Then read the verses about being delivered from it, memorize them, write them and sow them into your spirit.

Do you believe He will save your family? Then stop worrying and start thanking Him, no matter the situation. They will have to choose but your faith in Him gives them every chance. You can’t decide for them.

Do you believe He wants to give you wisdom, bless you and that He left you His peace? John 14:27 is my life, I know His peace is mine.

What are you believing about Jesus? Do you know how much He loves and believes in you? Take some time to think about whatever you are praying for, what you need to believe Him to do for you.

Do you believe He is even real? Some people don’t or that He was just a prophet or teacher but He was all man and all God, and He knows what we go through, that is why He came to take our place.

Christmas is a time to believe in love, miracles and peace. What do you believe? I want to believe Jesus is all He said, the great I AM, the way,truth, life, bread from heaven, the Son of God and Prince of Peace, healer and friend, so much more. And I want to just, ” Don’t be afraid. ”  ” Just believe. ”  Yes, Jesus, I believe.

Bruno Salvatore / pexels

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