Winning Over The Prodigal’s Brother or Sister

I know that story, just like you do. The boy wants his inheritance, it is like wanting his father dead but like many spoiled brats, they get money and go squander it. Anyway, he ends up slopping pigs and decides to go home, not really because he’s sorry, he just knows his father’s servants live better as slaves than he does.

By Jewish law, the father could have had him stoned, but he was willing to take the chance, know his father. Surely, he would at least let him slop the hogs. But no, he underestimated the father’s love. He did not even allow him to ask, but sent for a robe and ring and sandals. He also had a feast prepared in his honor, proclaiming that he was dead but now alive.

It is a perfect imagery in a parable told by Jesus. God could have us condemned to death, we dead in sin but not as believers in Christ. It is the story of the Father’s perfect love and I don’t have a problem with it. I would love to see more people saved, healed and delivered. So would God, but He knows hearts better than I.

What I do have a problem with and I admit it, is being like the prodigal’s brother or sister as the case may be. I do hate to see people walk over good people to get ahead, for the bratty and ones who can yell the most to get their way. I spoiled a little boy I used to keep and he was good, he knew I loved him. I can only recall one day I was uven upset with him. So, like God, you can spoil your children and lavish them in the Lord. If children are taught by the Spirit they will have peace. It is a good prayer to pray over them and that they have a teachable spirit. And discipline them, correct them, not in anger, calm down first. Then they will learn the fruit of the Spirit, it starts with love and ends in self control. That takes discipline.

I would tell this little boy, that is he was good we would do so and so, play putt putt golf or get ice cream.  Another little girl I kept, unlike her brother, who was also good, and knew how to read the Bible, his prodigal sister would scream, lie in the floor, never take a nap, locked me out of the house, well you get the idea, I withheld her cookies or popsicles, but her mother would come in and want to take her to grandma’s, out to eat, or shopping, it didn’t bother her that she was a brat. Hopefully, I sowed some good in the children I have worked with, I feel like a failure with a few.

It is hard not to catch the eye of three year old, being good, noticing that being bad gets you as much or more. Children are a gift from the Lord and deserve to loved and taught. Anyone can be bad, it takes Christ in you heart to keep you pure, and only then by His Spirit and His sacrifice.

I never was able to reconcile a little afternoon prize, with a trip to the amusement park. Doesn’t matter how you behave. I have had this progal sister dilemma a long time. I have tried to shake it and break it, because I know I have always had my Father. I will still come to tears know in Jesus died for me. And yet, I watched people get ahead, get the breaks, waste money, and I remained in His trust, and did my best to be obedient to His will. Did I always? No, but who doesn’t get offended, hurt, or hate what people do and get by with or at least appear to. I wasn’t lying  or stealing, not on drugs, but the enemy sowed the tares into my life and in doing so robbed me of remembering that I am a daughter of the king, I am loved and secure, I have a home I don’t want to run away from.

I had to start thinking better of myself, I wasn’t jealous, He taught me not to be angry. Never to go to bed angry. I had to remember His promises and faithfulness no matter who did what to whom, it was not coming near me. I never wanted to be what I hated.

I want to be more than a conqueror in this arena. I have to admit it can still be a battle. But I know I have won it because He has.  So I am winning over the prodigal sister mentality. I am not comparing or condemning.  I am not in competition, I have enough to hold onto in my heart just being me. If you have this problem,  I hope this helps you, so many women have been abused and mistreated by their fathers or husbands, siblings, even a streadystream of verbal abuse.

If that is you, or you have a sibling throwing tantrums, or even unsaved loved ones or children, I pray you and I rest from that battle that has at times been constand and overcome in Him, he has fought our battles and won, and we as believers and women of grace and faith, are winning against the prodigal’s predicaments.

Joy Marino / pexels / AdobeStock

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