Better Is One Day

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Better is one day in your courts than thousands elsewhere. Psalm 84:10

I have always loved this verse and I have heard it sung, there are several versions, a really soft one more like the psalm and the kind of metal one by Kutless, which  I like though I’m not really into certain kinds of music. Check it out on YouTube.

I have to admit that verse crossed my mind as I have worked on this Winter Warrior series, I have been sort of battle weary and overwhelmed, I would have to say that I am singing this to myself.

After what a lot of us have been through, I suppose we all could be. I am not surprised by the spiritual warfare, and I give the enemy no credit, for I know the greater one, it just appears to me that there are more people being deceived, they are not looking to the Lord. Have things ramped up as His return is closer?

And I know that some of these younger people, who may like different music than I do, have just enjoyed the music, even contemporary and Christian, just like they would rock or whatever and paid little attention the Lord. There are too many who will have music blasting away, and many who still into drugs and have told me how much they know the Lord.

Louder isn’t better or smarter, you hear the Lord in the still small voice, though He can shout and sing and dance for joy. The heavy metal He listened to was a spike, rather three nailing Him to the cross. I don’t have problem with what you listen to, I am just concerned who you listen to.

I  never liked the idea of church being a rock concert but I don’t think it should be a dirge either. There is a center of music, Jesus defeated the enemy who was once beautiful and had pipes and timbrels. The enemy misused his gifts.

Jesus will not ever do that or allow us to. I want you to be still and rest before the Lord, if there is power in praise, there surely is more in worship and there is even more in His peace, a precious gift He left us.

The battles have come and gone and some are ongoing and we are weary and seek His rest, and one day when we enter His courts with thanksgiving, and into His gates with praise, we will know as the days on the old earth are over and we are caught up to meet Him, that better is one day in His court, in His house, is better than thousands elsewhere.

I’m ready for day one.

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