Winter Warriors / Great Faith

As we continue our series, we are going to look at one of the two people who had great faith. The centurion was a Roman soldier whose servant was sick, he came to ask Jesus to heal him. The soldier was a commander with men under him and recognized the authority of Jesus. He even says he tells one to do this and one to that and he does it.

If only people were that flexible and did as Jesus commanded them to love, wouldn’t that be nice? They would not be arguing or fighting among themselves, they would surely have His peace as their weapon of choice and power. Anyway, the centurion comes and asks the Lord for help. He feels unworthy as a lot of us do but is going boldly, he even states that he is too unworthy to have him come to his house, I imagine he may have even knelt with his helmet in hand and a sword at his side. And he asked Jesus to speak the word only and his servant will be healed.

Jesus is impressed and I don’t think that is what the centurion was trying to do. Jesus knows hearts and is not moved by flattery. He told him that He had not seen such great a faith in all of Israel, and more so He was telling the others who were there. Jesus said it would be done.

We need to speak the word only, like Jesus and with His authority, He returned it after being raised from the dead. We are only following Him and being sincere and obedient. We are speaking His words over our lives. This story is important because it shows a military aspect and Jesus as commander in chief, no one out ranks Him, though we are to respect authority. He is the final authority.

The centurion could have been in charge of thousands of soldiers. Or he could have had only a few elite ones. I couldn’t say. Since we are talking about grace warriors and the Lord is a mighty warrior fighting and pleading our case in heaven we are to take a lesson from him.

Remember, he felt unworthy, but Jesus didn’t think so, even though he was in the Roman army who opposed the Jews and would someday crucify him. And Jesus even went to the home of Zacchaeus the tax collector. He ate with and was called a friend of sinners, He came to seek and save the lost, but I know He was careful about where to go because some wanted Him killed. He sends us out as sheep among wolves but is our protector as well.

The centurion’s faith was simple, He believed Jesus. It would be interesting to know how Jesus and His arrest and crucifixion affected Him. A lot of soldiers did believe, even one who testified to Him being the Son of God at the cross. Love is simple, or should be, His command should be obeyed, even Mary quips at the wedding of Cana, ” Do whatever He tells you. ” Advice for today, for sure.

The other woman with great faith was the one who followed Him about her daughter, she too was not worthy, was persistent and got her miracle, but first she had to drop the pretense of being Jewish, she ended up with more than a crumb from the Master’s table and so should we. That is key, neither person with great faith was Jewish.

The Jews had trouble believing He was the Messiah, one day they will not, but we serve a mighty warrior and loving Lord, and should believe He speaks the word and we are whole. Peace, shalom, nothing missing or broken, a yoke that is easy and light. Great faith for winter warriors.

Viespire Travel / Unsplash


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