Winter Warriors / Silent Witness

As we continue with Winter Warriors, I want to remind you that you may not think you have a lot to offer as a believer. Many women I pray for are facing down chronic illness. Even if you are physically limited, you can be a silent warrior. Go to the secret place of the Most High, and pray. Many people even do partial fasts to strengthen their spirits, and many people experience healing or at least an increase or strengthening of faith as they help others.

I never recommend fasting when people are on a lot of medication. But He understands if you give up the second cup of coffee or some social media. I never made it through those fasts with the church even, but more so in the past few years, as I did a partial, was in prayer about it, and asked Him to help me, something I didn’t do before. He will help you in any way, why you can ask the Holy Spirit to help you pray for yourself and others.

Don’t underestimate it, even if the outcome is not like you wanted. I prayed for two people I just knew could make it, and one did for a few years but a third battle with cancer was more that she could could take. This lady was a good friend and full of faith, I do think she went back to work too soon, but God knows more than I do. Another young man was only thirty two, full of life until disease racked his body. When he passed, I was really upset, though seeing his hands I knew it looked bad. As I prayed, in my sleep I suppose, I called out his name once in the middle of the night. But a while later, he was gone with the Lord.

The Lord ministered His grace to me there, I felt a little something like survivor’s guilt I suppose, he was so young and I know my life was spared in 2012, and probably even before. I’m sure that happens to a lot people who lose children or siblings. But every life matters to God. He has a plan and purpose. You have something He planned for you as a believer, I believe He has both a permissive will and a perfect one. The Holy Spirit will guide you to the truth, as you seek Him.

Whether, you are active and energetic or more confined to home, you can be a silent witness as you seek Him in prayer. Prayer moves mountains, prayer changes things. You don’t have to tell everyone about your prayer life. You can be asked to pray, He will bring people to mind, there are lots of prayer boards. And you can pray in general and specifically, public officials always need prayer.

And remember, don’t pray to make someone do this or that, they have a free will, prayer doesn’t control people, it affects them or protects them. It is a choice to love and serve Jesus, to give the Spirit control over you and your prayer life. Jesus intercedes for us, and we can intercede for others, even in the silence of our secret place or prayer closet, we can rest, listen for His prompts, even a burden to pray, until He lifts it.

We are still a witness to His love, even if we look like a silent one. There are many women who pray just for specific ministries, as individuals and as groups. They have prayed off a lot of enemy attacks for sure, a lot of intercessors have. When you pray intercession, you  both give and receive, you may not have a ministry or a blog, maybe, you can’t even attend church, but you can pray.

Are you prepared to be a Winter Warrior? Think about intercession, God loves prayer warriors.


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