Healing Warrior


This year has seen a lot of uphill health battles. I have had fewer colds, allergy and bronchitis symptoms and I am grateful for that. Still pain and a couple of falls were a pest. I have been taught to resist all kinds of ills. Thankfully, Communion, will always help. Fruit juices and rest, using an inhaler or nebulizer to knock it out before it starts. Common sense and wisdom. We live in a fallen world with an enemy bent on our defeat but it is he who has lost the battle to the Healer, Jesus Christ. I know no plague can come near you is true, and I want it to be at 100%.

A lot of pain comes from overwork, overtaxing a body that has already been attacked. There are ways to help alleviate it. Having had broken bones and scoliosis I know that kind of pain sometimes is just God working, I have seen backs heal slowly but I know He is healing them. He knows how much a person can bear, and it is not a correct quote that He won’t give you more than you can bear, it says He will not allow you to be tempted above what you are able to bear. Don’t you think merely being a believer can target you for more than you can bear, and start really seeking Him, you will have to learn to overcome in spiritual warfare.

Don’t think for a moment He is punishing you with pain and suffering, sometimes it is just a part of healing, however, I know how much He bore for me and you, so I know there is a place of no pain like no fear, but it found by walking in the Spirit. The more you do the stronger you will be. Forget poor old Job, and remember perfect Jesus. He made a difference in the Covenant of Peace with God.

I never tell people not go to the doctor, seek professional help and I don’t like the term faith healers but it takes faith to be healed. One of the most beautiful stories is that of the woman with the issue of blood, she had spent all her money on doctors and still never got well, considered unclean, she risked arrest or worse were she caught outside.

But Jesus didn’t care about that, according to tradition, He should not have touched her, but I’m sure He did after she touched His garment and was made whole. He faced her and told her her faith had made her whole to go in peace. Here is another instance of peace as weapon of warfare, healing peace. A heart at peace gives the body rest, she had nothing to fear.

Jesus was all about healing, as I began to study it I just believed everyone I prayed for would be healed, I was following a good example after all. I would hear how Jesus healed them all. And He did, those who believed. There were places He could do no mighty works because of doubt and unbelief. And then there the ” other nine “, who were unappreciative. I have seen people get well and still talk about the hospital stay, and they should not be here.

And I have had the honor of praying for some who are still here, by the grace of God, one woman who was literally told she had no chance of living, another doctor gave her very little, two years later, she is here. I saw it with my mother in 2003, doctors told her she had stage 4 breast cancer. I prayed for her, wrote prayers and verses, Isaiah 53. Her x rays were negative. She did have a hysterectomy though, she was  so overworked. I have seen the miraculous. Don’t ever doubt it is real or for you. If you can believe, God does impossible things but sometimes in His time.

I know not everyone is healed and I grieved some losses but not for long because grief is a terrible place to live and shroud over you like an evil spirit, left to itself, I know grief really is an evil spirit. I have seen it ruin lives. And I know these friends would not want me to have some sort of survivors guilt but to keep right on believing, they are with Jesus, and they would want others to know Him and be healed even if they were too weary.

Isaiah 53 is a complete account of healing. Let me challenge you to look up even more verses and stand on them even as you do what you can in the natural. God can show up in the supernatural. He sent His Word and healed them then and now, he still heals.

My aunt worked with a man who was at a service and saw an arm restored not healed but grown back. Creative miracles happen, I know a pastor, not personally, who has a young man at his church that had no brain in the womb, but he was born with a brain.

Just as He restores souls, He can restore bodies. There are many paths to healing, even as you got to doctors, laying on of hands, prayer clothes, Communion, speaking in tongues. Jesus showed so much love and compassion, but was hated just like believers are in many ways. Why would you go through all that and not want people healed?

Drug use is rampant and destroys lives and generations. It is rooted in sorceries. Even prescription drugs are being abused, so if you take medication, take it wisely, especially pain medicine. Never put your faith in that alone, Jesus paid a high price, is the gentle healer and He will restore health and heal wounds.

Some illnesses are from grief, unbelief, unforgiveness. You can make yourself sick with worry and fear. I always encourage people to sow healing verses into their spirit before they need them so they will be the first thing you think of when you get a bad report, Isaiah asks whose report will you believe? I believe God’s, He may even guide you to a doctor, but nothing is too hard for Him after all He created us.

May He renew and restore us as we become Healing Warriors, in Jesus name, Christmas is a time for miracles, and there is power in the blood and in His name. Sometimes, we just need to be still and let Him fight. Exodus 14:14

The Holy One has anointed you, so all of you have knowledge. 1 John 2:20 God’s Word Translation

Taylor / pexels

Dedicated to Wendy and Jesse.


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