His Peace In You, Armor For Your Soul.

Peace? A weapon of warfare? Armor? I know we are taught to put on the armor of God, it has a helmet of salvation, a breastplate of righteousness, a shield of faith, but the shoes are the gospel of peace. We read that those who carry the gospel have beautiful feet in Romans 10:15, that is the gospel of peace.

Jesus didn’t open His mouth against accusers and that is difficult. Human nature wants to lash out, I have done it so have you, and probably regretted it. I have a lot of people disagree with me, that’s okay, but you don’t have to be arrogant or abusive. And that is not my readers, comments are good and a blessing, I am talking about more in person conversations.

If peace wasn’t important, He would not be bringing it to my attention all the time. John 14:27, His peace is palatable, tangible and sweet as opposed to the chaotic and confusing. God is not the author of confusion. 1 Corinthians 14:33, and John 16:33, He said we would have peace in Him.

In the Old Testament, Micah 5:5 declares He is our peace, but after the crucifixion and resurrection, Jesus has truly doubled the promise. He, Himself, is our peace. Ephesians 2:14. I know people who like to get up in the morning and put on their armor, as a mental image, a sort of spiritual exercise.  That’s great, but  a while back I was thinking about Saul’s armor, the king’s armor being too heavy for a young shepherd, David.

I’m a poet and so was he, but he also had the wherewithal to fight Goliath when no one else would, not even the king, that armor was too heavy, but God’s armor, the Holy Spirit might have been heavy, weighty and powerful but was it was not too heavy an armor as He came upon the future king, and the stone went right to the giant’s head. I want the shofar to blow and the lion to roar over me and if He wants to zap any enemy, that’s fine with me.

The point being, the king’s armor was too heavy. God’s wasn’t, even though He is the King of the Universe. In the Old Testament, the Spirit came upon people. In the New Testament, Jesus said the Comforter would come and He did and people began to speak in other tongues in Acts, they had received power. The power Jesus promised. The baptism of fire, and when some had not heard of Him, Paul explained the subsequent baptism, even though they were baptized like John had done.

Jesus was baptized and the Holy Spirit came at the same time. That to me is the best way to receive, but don’t worry. You can ask even if you were baptized in water or sprinkled on the head. It is a power gift, so if you decide to ask, study it out, and if you speak in tongues, keep it up or the enemy will try to creep in.

Jesus wanted us to have rest, and we can in the Spirit and in His peace, knowing He is in control and will take care of us. I thank God for His peace and that His gospel is peace, for the ” shoes ” of peace. People will receive if they ask and believe, and the power is a huge part of His peace.

Whether or not it is actual armor or spiritual, the Holy Spirit is there to help. Jesus was specific about why He sent Him. And I want the Prince of Peace to send Him ahead in the battle, because He already won it.



2 thoughts on “His Peace In You, Armor For Your Soul.”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts today. He, Himself, is our peace. And we are shod in His peace upon our feet as we walk His path! Amen. Oh may I remember that precious gift He has given!


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