The Battle Rages

As the end of the age approaches before Jesus’ return to rule and reign, which is the Second Coming, the next event would be the Rapture or catching away of the church. Many people do not recognize that as doctrine, even with 1 Thessalonians 4:17, that the Lord returns in the clouds with the trump, we have already been through the fall feasts. Jesus could come at any time, no one knows the day or hour.

Many people are mid trib, post trib, but I believe in a pre trib Rapture. Trib being short for tribulation, the Great Tribulation not the everyday tribulation Jesus said we would have in the world. Although it is a span of seven years and without delving deep into prophecy, time is different to God so I believe it could be different in heaven and earth.  In other words, like the Rapture, when He comes quickly, like a thief in the night, He could turn that time around in heaven and come back to defeat the Anti Christ, Like I said, time is different, suppose a day is like a thousand years. Don’t worry about complex eschatology, just believe in Jesus.

So what about the Rapture? It is fashioned like the Jewish Wedding. After the couple agrees, the groom goes to prepare her house, it can be added to his father’s house. He has up to a year to return and shows up in the night to surprise her. And then there is the wedding and that celebration can last seven days, see the comparison. Seven days, seven years?

Jesus was good at telling stories, He was excellent at parables, one is the parable of the ten virgins. In anticipation of the bridegroom’s arrival, they wait in the night. Five are running low on oil and five have plenty. The five lacking ask to borrow from the others, they say no to go buy some.

In the Bible, the Holy Spirit is given many metaphorical references, fire, water, a dove, and of course oil. So the hidden message is to keep your oil burning and bright, in anticipation of His arrival, like the bridegroom our beloved bridegroom, Jesus will come and whisk the church away to heaven, likely when you least expect it. So keep the Spirit in you, as Him to fill you daily, keep your lamp lit, He wants us to light the world, not hide under the bushel.

He will also baptize you in the Spirit. It is a powerful gift and the Holy Spirit will teach you, as a winter warrior or any other season. We are definitely in a season when He could return. As we are we in spiritual battles, we are in a battle that rages, against our hearts and minds and bodies, but the good news is Jesus is greater, and He has fought and won the battle already, so we have nothing to worry about, but still we do, even if we shouldn’t.

As the enemy rages and wages war, be sure the Lord is already the victor and so are we as believers, keep His peace, when the dove descended on Jesus, some heard God’s voice and some heard thunder, and some nothing. It will likely be the same at the Rapture.

Some will sense it and be taken, others may hear thunder and still others will have no clue. And they will be left behind if they are not a believer in Christ. There is already spiritual chaos and confusion, violence, murders, and the floods and fires taking place, people are not repentant of sorceries which is also drug addiction. Revelation is close. Make your decision, because it will be so much harder then, the battle will rage.

Esther Huyhn Bich / pexels

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