Winter Warrior / More of Him


Not in a bridal gown but a guiding star is behind her. The star or literal glory guided the wise men and is still guiding us to God’s plans. Are we driving ourselves or are we resting in His love? There is more.

Many people use the phrase and I believe incorrectly, that we must decrease so He can increase, that has to do with John the Baptist and his ministry, for Jesus’ ministry to begin and to grow, John’s had to decrease.

In truth, He was going to baptize people with fire, the Holy Spirit, even though it is fine to have been baptized in water, there is more. More authority, power and gifts. A lot of people like the phrase more of Him and less of me. I have have a bookmark with those greater than, less than math symbols.

But the truth is to me anyway, I have found that the more I enjoy Jesus, sow His words in, soak in His love and peace and just rest and let Him help me. I am more of me. You do give Him your soul at salvation, which is your mind, will and emotions.

But often our minds get into battles, sometimes we are not willing to obey the Spirit or are even spiritually mature enough to discern His voice.  Fear and worry, anxiety will grip us, and deception is not far behind. We do not or should not have a spirit of fear ourselves, because we have not been given a Spirit, the Holy Spirit, of power, love and a sound mind. 1 Timothy 1:7.

We shouldn’t be afraid, because He isn’t, not worried, He isn’t. Not anxious or panicked because He isn’t. I would love to tell you I don’t worry, never have a problem, I have to choose not to, and there are days it easier than others to not let it get to you, there will be tribulation or trouble in this world. Jesus acknowledged that and He didn’t mean the Great Tribulation, which is ever closer, He also said we would overcome because He did. And that doesn’t just mean at death, He wants believers alive and remaining when He comes, He defeated death, though some may pass, others will not.

We are crucified with Him at salvation, He gives us new and hidden lives we have to seek. We are emerging butterflies, but have to be strong in Him or we will never soar. I don’t want you to believe that because you give more of yourself to Jesus, more time or study, prayer or allow Him control by submitting to the Spirit or being baptized in the Spirit, that you lose yourself, the truth is that you find the real you, the best you that you can be, the enemy is the identity thief, he will rob you of your identity or destiny in Christ if you allow him to. You can learn it by reading all the verses with the words ” in Christ ” and I will post a link at the bottom for you.

You are submitting, surrendering, but you are not giving up more of you, you are gaining more of Him, and His peace is powerful. I pray He speaks it to you. I know He wants us to be winter warriors with more of His rest, joy, peace.


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