Winter Warrior Series / Stop Fighting The Battle You Have Already Won!


Are you still fighting a battle? You can stop. Jesus already fought your battle and won. You have a victory because He hung on the cross. I used to sing Victory In Jesus, and went on for years fighting instead of resting and waiting for His timing. His timing is perfect, He is never too late or too early, but sometimes He is last minute.

If you ever see old movies before the computer generated crowds, extras were dressed one way and charged up a hill, and then changed clothes and run down the hill. So, in a sense, instead of fighting an enemy, they were actually, fighting each other, that happens to us a lot right? Chaos and confusion are twin enemies when we serve the God of peace.

Exodus 14:14, says He will fight for us, we only need to be still. That would appear contradictory to the warrior women some want us to be. It does not mean however that we are not warriors. We have our shield of faith and our armor of God which is in His Spirit. at least, in my opinion. None of use are capable warriors on our own. But He gives us powerful weapons, including His name, armor and peace, We will look at being a warrior in depth the next few days.

We know how to wield the Word like the two edged sword it is. We know how worship, to cover our homes and family with the powerful blood of the Lamb. So why fight the same old battles? I get tired of them, and I know you do too. How many mountains are in your way? How many giants? One is too many, but not with Jesus.

Like the nightly struggle to get a child quieted and to bed, it becomes routine to fight the same old things, even a different approach to the same problem. It can be ongoing, but it is time to take a stand. Stand up for Jesus, be still and thank Him for the victory He won.

Being still is not inactive, it is proactive. You are giving Him the chance to fix things you can’t. And if He can’t who can? I was so young singing Victory In Jesus, I wish I had known, it was finished. It was over, and because He died for me and rose again and literally took my place, and I had won.

Yet, many times, the defeated foe and enemy of my soul challenged that but now I have learned how to rest in His love, enjoy the Prince of Peace for who He is and how much He loves me, and thank Him for His amazing grace in my life, His favor and every other blessing that is mine.

I was battling something or someone everyday of my life. Some people are battling disease, divorce, out of control children, finances, bosses, you name it. Life was not meant to be such an up a hill battle when He carried the cross up a hill called Calvary. He gave us the victory, so stop fighting the battle you’ve already won, because He did.


3 thoughts on “Winter Warrior Series / Stop Fighting The Battle You Have Already Won!”

  1. Yes so true, we too often try to battle our own way to victory. I loved this part you wrote, “Like the nightly struggle to get a child quieted and to bed, it becomes routine to fight the same old things, even a different approach to the same problem.” a powerful illustration to me as a mom!


  2. Amen. He will fight for us, as we wait on Him. He is speaking that word, “wait” to me again right now, and your words were such a sweet confirmation of that. Thank you Dear Rebecca!


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