He Is Good

We have been talking about thanks and one verse resonates about giving thanks for He is good. He doesn’t or didn’t have to do anything for us but He did because He was good. And He continues to. Not because of anything we do but simply because He is good.

So as we approach our holiday season and sit down to say grace ands give thanks for what is on our plates, let’s remember to give thanks in our hearts as well, for He is good. It is easy to mull over our thankfulness when we see others without and this season is a time of giving, but it should be a year round way of life, giving thanks, for He is good.

When you have food and a place to live, He is good. When you are homeless and He provides and sends people to help, He is good. When you have a career or are looking for employment, He is good. If you have a safe way to travel and your children are healthy. He is good. If you need a lift or prayer for a child, He is still good.

Have you overcome illness, depression, or something severe? Then He is good. Even if you are in the middle or the beginning of it, He is good and favors you with grace and peace to receive from Him as you believe. It may not look like it at the time but you can usually look back and see His hand upon your life. I have many times, and I know He restore souls.

Because He is our shepherd we should not lack. He is our provider and on the throne, and the mercy seat of our hearts. He makes intercession for us. His answers to prayer are yes and amen. And we should believe He is good because He sent Jesus if nothing else. To turn away from a beloved only Son for people who had not even been born and might not believe, He is good.

He goes before us, fights our battles, makes us more than a conqueror. He heals, delivers, sets free. He gives us wisdom and left us His peace. Flights of angels are all around protecting us. Nothing is impossible for Him, and we can do all things through Jesus’ love, yes, He is good.

He is faithful and just, He sends His Spirit to help us remember His Word and to guide, to teach us and even help us pray. I write about His glory for His glory. I can brag about Jesus, He is worthy. But chose to make me worthy by giving me a robe righteousness. And the most blessed gift He gifts ever are His healing and His peace. His pure love for us. have we even touched the hem of His garment?

He gives beauty for our ugly old ashes, joy for tears, He took our place, was our every type of offering, Once and for all who would believe. He gave up heaven to come. Now He is back as our High Priest. We have celebrated the Jewish feast days or at least read about them. We have waved palms and lulavs, raised a hallelujah, and a hosannah, and praised Him in prayer and song, worshiped with uplifted palms.

Dare I go on? I could go on and on. There is so much to say but the Psalmist got it right about giving thanks to the Lord. Why? Because He is good.

langll / pexels


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