Thanks For New Wine


Thanks Lord for new wine, the Holy Spirit. We are talking about the phrase putting new wine in old wine skins. Personally, I have to have a straw, I usually don’t drink out of bottles much less some old skin. I have seen a few Bible movies. I am so glad I didn’t live in those days.

Now we know we should be filled with His Spirit, rather than being in a drunken state, though people did think the men were drunk in Acts 3. The Holy Spirit can overcome you, and there is even holy laughter. We could all use a ” drink ” about now. I am not here to condemn you over a social drink or a glass of wine, but I don’t think most people can handle liquor and we are to be sober and diligent as believers. You will find me with tea or coke zero.

But let’s talk about the new wine and wine skins. People used to torment me about water. I could drink it and be nauseated, sluggish, and running for the bathroom, yet there they would go with a giant mug or bottle after bottle. I do drink some, but it is not my priority.

As you age your skin gets dry, even an every other bath can be drying. I use lotion, a lot of lotion. Drinking water doesn’t just replenish it or renew youth, but the Spirit will. And we need to be filled over and again, because like water, it is released, to others as well as ourselves.

A depleted girl is a defeated girl and rest, both physical and spiritual, are a part of abundant life in Jesus. A hungry girl will falter too, be hungry and thirsty for His righteousness, eat healthy, but never let that control you. I had so many people who would have run me ragged in ways I never thought of, when all along there was His new wine, and I was a new wine skin.

I was an emerging butterfly and a new creation in Him. 2 Corinthians 5:17. He told the woman at the well to drink the living water, meaning the Holy Spirit. As a believer you are a recipient of Him as teacher, Comforter and guide, and Jesus will also baptize you with His Spirit, study the gifts, they are powerful.

Remember, He can’t put His new wine or Spirit into old skins, they would break. So don’t get dried out or up, the Holy Spirit is also described as oil, or anointing, which is poured on.

So let’s not allow dwelling on the past or worrying about tomorrow rob us of today, when we can be thankful for His amazing grace and new wine.

Priscilla DuPreeze / Unsplash


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