You Can Talk To Jesus

Priscilla Du Preeze

Do you talk to Jesus? You can, you know. He will certainly listen, and guide you with His Spirit. The Holy Spirit speaks what He hears to your spirit. You can talk to Him anytime, pray in the Spirit. I am updating this post because of some recent communication problems. You know the kind, One, for this two for that, please stay on the line, music, transfers, finally, you talk to someone who has no idea what you are talking about.

I have been on the phone hours these past weeks, insurance company, phone service, reporting a downed power line, I explained it five times, the location. E-mails are about the same, and from the doctor. I was beginning to wonder, we trust these people with our lives. I know they may be over worked, over tired, I have been there, but there is also just a lack of communication and just that people aren’t paying attention, selective hearing?

Where is that today? Are we losing our ability to listen and communicate? Too dependent on on texting to actually verbalize to use our God given vocabulary. I know I her too much language, some are just addicted to a few words, bad ones.

But you can find a secret place, a prayer closet, take a walk.  Jesus is always with us, He will not leave or forsake us. The Holy Spirit will withdraw, take a step back if we go off on our own until we call on Him. He will not force you to follow or be led or loved as a believer, but He is there to help you, Jesus sent Him to, but it is still a choice.

You can be saved and never grow in grace or you can have a teachable spirit that is receptive to Christ and the Holy Spirit. So talk to Jesus, you can confide in Him. He will not hurt or embarrass you, humiliate or condemn you. He loves you. And He listens.

We too, need to learn to listen, aim for an excellent spirit, we can do that by talking to Him and then being still, listening, Perhaps, you have heard about listening prayers, that is all it is. A quietness to hear the Spirit.

You can tell Him if you are hurt or angry. I have had Him to tell me to watch the anger, it is so easy to be angry at unjust things or someone who is being verbally abusive. But I knew anger would make me just like some of the people I didn’t want to be like, and the hurts, He will comfort and heal and help you to release them with forgiveness and love, even if the other people never apologize or it wouldn’t help anyway. He can heal deep wounds. His sacrifice was deeper still.

Get to know Jesus in conversation, He already knows you intimately, just read Psalm 139. Not even your mother knows you like that. You will find He understands your sense of humor, will fill your day with little reminders of His love. He will call you to His rest.

He desires to spend time with you. Women are so busy with families and careers but Jesus is never too busy for you, it would be wise to make use of your time, and spend some with Him. The Bible calls it redeeming the time, and after all, He redeemed us by becoming a curse on the cross. Galatians 3:13.

So talk to Jesus, tell Him all your troubles, the old hymn says, but I try not to do that, He already knows them. I do my best just to thank Him, praise Him, and I promise I could tell you troubles you wouldn’t believe, but I am going to give Him glory because He is greater than any problem.

It is good to have a best friend, we all need someone to talk to, shop with. Ideally, husbands and wives should be best friends, but we have an even closer more intimate and trustworthy friend, who loves you most of all. And we can boast about Jesus, and just talk to Him. And no offense to these busy operators.

Priscilla Du Preeze / Unsplash


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