Rest and Receive Grace, Thankfully.

Ali Pazani

When are we ever going to stop running around fixing things? I don’t know why I ever thought I could talk to some people or encourage them or that they ever would believe anything I told them about Jesus, some people are just stuck in their old  ways.

Or is it just really that hard to believe that Jesus loves you that much?  I know I had trouble comprehending the depth of it as I began to learn of entering His rest, really studying His peace. It is in there, if you believe. No matter what goes on and we know that can be a lot.

Rest is more than sleep, though that is great. I know parents who think they will never sleep again after having children, but you can. Sometimes, it’s as easy as adding a little cereal to a bottle, though doctors might not agree. A full tummy makes you sleep. So toddlers and even bigger ones can have something reasonable before turning in.

And often it is just a battle and a routine. And that carries over to adulthood, and sometimes we can just get into a rut of social media, movies and even a good book. People are so diet and self conscious, they might go to bed hungry too. I have had to get up and make some toast or eat a banana, if I eat dinner too early. A midnight snack or a bowl of cereal is better than being depleted.

There are lots of reasons for lack of sleep, worry, fear, medications, some even cause nightmares. Then there are pizza dreams, but some of them will be guidance from the Lord and some from the enemy, the Holy Spirit will discern, and if you operate in spiritual gifts use them. Pray in spirit and go back to sleep when you start to feel a release, sometimes you will know what you are praying for and not others, I don’t even bother to ask, I only want to know if it is really important. Not that is isn’t for someone else, you can’t handle what God can.

We all need His rest to receive, and He gives grace after grace. We want to give thanks for that and for the rest we can obtain and enter if we choose to, and it might take making better choices. I can actually leave dishes, when I could not before. And some of the running and overdoing is just like being driven to OCD, He doesn’t want that. As I told someone this week, who obviously didn’t understand rest, it is spiritual, it is His rest from Hebrews for, letting Him be in control, and you in submission, it is being quiet or still, even if you can’t sleep, praying. He will help you calm yourself.

I realize people do take and need medications, but like the woman with the issue of blood, she had been to doctors to no avail, I never advise not seeking medical help or even counseling but let God help too, grow your faith in Him and rest and receive thankfully.

Sometimes, rest is as simple as changing what you are doing, get up and stir around the house if you have been sitting. I will stop writing and read a while or do a puzzle, and then there will be time you have to purposely determine to rest, no calls, hand up your do not disturb sign, real and in the spirit.

Rest with Jesus, He will give you rest. Rest and receive grace upon grace. John 1:16

“Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile” Mark 6:31 These are the words Jesus spoke to the disciples on a day it was so busy, the Scriptures tell us they didn’t have time to eat.

My soul finds rest in God alone. Psalm 62:1

Ali Pazani / pexels



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