Trick or Treat?

Anastasia Lobanskya

Well, here we are again at time of year in the fall, before Thanksgiving, people are out collecting treats with their children. But is it a trick of the enemy? For years, Christians have debated whether or not to celebrate Halloween or the All Saint’s Day. Should it be that complicated?

While I definitely would oppose the Mexican day of the of the dead and even other things, Jesus brought the devil to nothing. Of course, he still has power if you don’t know and use your authority as a believer. But having fun and treats, is fine. Like magic tricks we know are not real that are entertaining, but practicing magic is another thing, stay away from it.

I do believe you should use wisdom. Costumes should be appropriate. I believe in teaching children not to be afraid but also not to frighten them. I don’t like the fascination people have with death. Why would you want to be a walking dead person? It can open doors to the enemy, fascinations can become preoccupations. The Pharisees were told by Jesus, they looked good on the inside but were inside like dead men’s bones.

He even told the disciples to let the dead bury the dead, and Jesus avoided using the word. He usually said asleep, finally, He had to explain about Lazarus, He waited, He knew He would raise him, He called him by name. God, Himself in the form of His Son, or else He would have called others, like when He rose. That is power. A lot more power than the enemy.

Jesus is about abundant life and He is joy, so enjoy your treats and use the opportunity to witness about His love, just be sure you realize the enemy is subtle and don’t be talked into false practices, it can be a temptation to some and don’t be pressured by peers, choose your friends wisely and your parties. The spirit of Anti-Christ would have a one religion world, and the time draws close for the Lord’s return. Seances and horror scopes might appear fun but are inviting the enemy. So are tarot cards, you must use wisdom, caution but not fear, and let the Holy Spirit discern.

There is good and bad in just about everything. the Bible is full of awful stories. People who made bad choices and some who were just caught up in the webs of others influence and immorality. I like some movies, there are elements of good and evil, you can solve a murder without the gore, but that has become leading entertainment, and so called reality shows that are not reality for most of us.

We want Him to find faith in the earth, faith in Him and His finished work. He defeats the enemy at every turn and wants us to. So have a safe and pleasant Halloween, in Christ, no tricks, just some laughs and candy. He treats us to grace and peace and offers eternal life.

Anastasia Lobanskya / pexels



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