The Answer To His Prayers

I know women wonder why I tell them to wait for the right person. But it is worth the wait. God makes it beautiful in His timing. Have you ever considered how He feels about you? He loves you most of all so when an obstacle or temptation gets in the path of the wait, kick it to the curb.

You are the answer to His prayers, not just the right man’s but the Lord’s. Yes, He prays for you, so don’t settle for just any relationship, just to settle down. The Holy Spirit will help you pray when you don’t know how. You may be finding some new interests, suddenly, you like to cook or want to travel.

Maybe God has someone grilling for his pastor and his wife waiting too. You may be reading Psalms and he is teaching Sunday School that very one, let’s see 139. He knows when you get up and sit down. What you are going to say, He was knitting you together in your mother’s womb.

He has seen it all from diapers to do overs and makeovers. He sees pimples, dimples wrinkles and scars. He’s seen ponytails and pj’s, the mod, the plaid, the fads and phases, the good, bad, and ugly. He was there. Maybe, you didn’t know Him then and did the wrong things, well He wants them to turn out right.

Whatever the past is is forgiven in Him. You are new creature, a butterfly about to soar. But wait, flap your wings and be strong in Him , He can’t let you fly too soon. You won’t make it without HIm,

He’s healed broken bones and hearts. Mended and molded you shaped you into a woman of noble character, you are worth more than rubies and He wants you to be a crown to your husband so be patient. He can get you to Proverbs 31.

Let him remove any excess baggage from your past and his. It is better that way. I know people don’t consider marriage a covenant or even holy as they should but that doesn’t mean it isn’t to God. Have you ever seen those old Victorian marriage certificates with hands, rings roses or doves, they are like the ketubah ( ka-too-bah ) signed in Jewish weddings, they were elaborate and framed, with all the calligraphy.

It think God probably writes something like that and He made a covenant of peace, He desires us to have peace and Jesus left it to us as an inheritance, so don’t you think He has something to say about who He wants together? I sure do. While we may end up breaking our covenant and falling short of His glory, He never will.

And He is love and the one who created marriage to begin with, He forgives, saves by grace, remembers no more, never condemns, what about us, we don’t want old feelings, fights or arguments, let us wash ourselves in water of His word for He has cleansed and sanctified us and we want to be equally yoked. Some things are better found out sooner than later, and Mr. Right is worth the wait.

Begin to see yourself and your marriage in the purity and sanctity of Christ if you are a believer or waiting. You are the answer, to his prayers as a wife, the good thing that happens to him and you are the answer to God’s prayers for you, if  you can love and be loved as He wants you to be.

Valeria Boltneva / pexels


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