We Don’t Love Like This

Ali Pazani

Thirty seven, thirty eight, thirty nine. Oh, ” Hi there, I was just counting. ” No, I haven’t lost it, I was just thinking how God numbers the hair on our head. Why? I don’t know, I really could care less. But if it matters to Him, it has to to me. I think it is merely a way to express that deep love and concern, to show His infinite wisdom and omniscience.

After all, we are supposed to be falling in love with Jesus. Here’s the deal. I got my hair colored, and no I could not count the gray ones, not even the little twigs being cut and falling to the floor, much less all of it.

We love our husbands, children, pets. We have no idea how much hair they have. A thousand, five thousand, or seven on a bald baby head, four hundred in the sink, could be million in the drain. I was a bald baby, a blondie, with a home perm, turned brunette, permed and with big 80’s hair, red head now because I like it. And I have a parrot, how many feathers does Holly have, dozens of little pin feathers get swept, that’s about as far as that goes.

And maybe you know I like to go out at night in the peace and quiet and just stand in the driveway and look at the stars, I think I got to five one night, and then realized one was a plane, I think the moon would have laughed if it could and the stars kept right on twinkling. Maybe they are calling out their number or name. God calls them all by their name, just like us.

And imagine, He calls angels stars at one point and they are innumerable but He counts them. And He knows their names too. Grains of sand, He can pick it up and measure, I guess He know how many bags of sand it would take to make a beach. Gallons of water in the ocean, drops of rain in a cloud, sure, He knows.

What else might He count? Tears in a bottle, names in the Book of Life or on prayer lists. Miscarriages, abortions, missing people, murders, rapes, thieves, lost pets, or people? If you think God is just wasting time counting frivolous things, that’s not the image I wanted to paint. If counts us a His children, we want our lives to count.

He knows everything that goes on. He has His hand on every situation that comes before the throne. He knows there will be bad outcomes as long as people have a free will, but He is also merciful, forgiving. If your truly believe in a God who loves you enough to let you choose, and who will forgive you as long as you believe Jesus Christ was crucified for you and raised  from the dead. Your sins, zero.

He will choose not to remember them. Could He? Yes, but He sent Jesus to save and to heal, not to condemn. Does He know if you are sinning? Yes, you are not fooling Him. That is why the Holy Spirit is in you, to convict but not condemn. You will ask forgiveness, but He says to be in peace and not sin. If you do, He is faithful and just to forgive, but He has made you free from it, you have to choose.

God isn’t counting sins or the past, not waiting to crack you with a bolt of lighting, though His power can overwhelm you. He is counting days, perhaps hours, His time is different, but when the fullness of time comes, He will send Jesus. Are you ready? I can hardly wait.

So let’s not be counting unimportant things, like how many times we clean the toilet or loads of laundry, let’s instead, make every moment count and ask Him to pour that vast amount of love into our hearts. We may not love like He does, but He would like us to, He is counting the lives we impact and the hearts we draw to His. Five hundred twelve, five hundred thirteen…..

Ali Pazani / pexels

4 thoughts on “We Don’t Love Like This”

  1. Thank you for these beautiful thoughts to ponder. My hair comes out in clumps now, ever since I’ve had these diseases and medications to deal with. But HE sees every one, and cares so deeply over my life, not just my hair. Oh, praise Him for His great, great mercy!


    1. I am sorry to hear that Bettie, I wasn’t thinking about it coming out when I wrote this, but I know it is true. I have seen it from stress, medicines and chemotherapy. I know a lot of people who wear wigs and just keep a shortcut. I realize beauty comes from within, but women are just wired that way, if we look better, we feel better. I make sure to put on some makeup everyday, I have since I was seventeen. I hope your treatments are over soon.


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