With Halloween approaching I wanted to address some of the things Christians find themselves up against , whether they know it or not and what you don’t know can hurt you, why we need the Holy Spirit and discernment. Take the phrase, abracadabra, harmless magic trick word, sure, nothing to it. We know about disappearing boxes and magician’s hats but the word is actually derived from ancient Hebrew, used one way, the actual phrase, it means I create what I say, another that destroys.

Isn’t that what God has been telling us all along? Death and life are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs 18:21. False teachings and practices can ruin your life. I have seen what it has done to people. Rebellion and drug use are prevalent and dangerous. I happened past a television program, one of those contacting the dead. The medium drew the entities she encountered, the people were being scratched, and a detective told them about a suicide in their home, the medium insisted there was a murdered girl there also. Let me tell you, a lot of this stuff may be for entertainment. Some well, just evil lurking, deceiving. Maybe, not 100% but 99.9 at least, Jesus would have to be the exception in allowing it, I know of a couple of instances but He just doesn’t draw you that way. People go to heaven or hell. And most people are not discerning enough to recognize.

The truth is these things are demonic. Let’s take the haunted house, spirits can hang around, murderous and suicidal, the enemy goes from person to person seeking whom he can devour. Mary Magdalene lived in a wicked town, Magdala, is it any wonder she had seven spirits? The madman in the tombs was near ten wicked cities. We know from statistics that some cities have more murders. We even talked about ranks of angels, on both sides. But more good.

Never let anyone kid you into thinking what you say or don’t say as a believer has a lot to do with it. It is more than negative energy and positive thinking, it is is a matter of life in Christ or death, always a threat from the enemy and many things always leading up to it.

I can tell you a true story, because I know who it happened to. This man was married and had a family, was a cheater, hung with the wrong crowd, knew about Jesus, never knew Him until right before he passed away. He was friendly with some other men, one of whom was an alcoholic, when he fell ill some of his pals had gone to see him, including Jay, not his real name, as they sat by his bedside, the friend told them the devil was in the window laughing at him. They probably shrugged it off as people will, not even believing in heaven or hell. It is not always hallucinations.

A few minutes later, he was yelling that his feet were in the fire. This sent the friends running for cover. And the man died with no one telling Him about Jesus. I think that is so sad, no one even thought to pray or call on Him. And no doubt others had heard of Jesus. Fear, which is what he is, gripped that room, when love would have come. Are you ready to take chances on going to heaven, dabbling in occult practices or not believing in hell, worse, thinking you will have time to repent? I hope not.

This happened when I was a child. I heard it later and it resonated more as I came to grow in grace and faith. I was there when Jay accepted Christ, I was still young, I didn’t know about healing, but he had been prayed for, for years to be saved, and at least he was, I wonder now if he was thinking about that friend.

I want you to remember that story, I could tell you more but I don’t want to scare you! That is not God’s plan, His plan is salvation, and friends don’t let friends go to hell, do they? Have all the fun you want, but include Jesus, He will let the Holy  Spirit give you discernment.

You can have fun without drinking to excess, flings, or delving into places you don’t really want to go. A magic trick is one thing, magic is deceptive, prayers are more powerful than spells, any day.

I believe Christians can enjoy appropriate costumes, have fun. It is safer if they party and give the candy to children, and not have them out running the dark streets. It is also a chance to open your home and pray for people. How you celebrate is your decision but use some wisdom.

I want to pray for you that the Lord opens your eyes and ears to discern His voice and not be deceived or have your love wax cold. People in the last days are seduced by doctrines that are not faith, and I don’t want my readers to have any part of it, our portion is Christ.





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