I Don’t Know Why He Loves Me So!


I really do know, He gave His life for mine. He died so that I could live. He suffered so I would not have to. I did because I let other people dictate to me. I believed, but somehow others made that not good enough.

For years, I thought I was doing something wrong, and that wasn’t the case. He loves you with an everlasting love, agape, even if you don’t return that love. And He has good plans not anything harmful. That is a hard thing to imagine as believer and yet, we have had a glimpse of it, we have all been hurt or rejected by someone, only not to the extreme that Jesus was.

I hope I never know all He really went through. I know what I have been through and it doesn’t compare. He was able to bear it as the Son of God, God Himself. He never forgot where He came from. We do.

If we are babies straight from heaven and all that love, joy and peace. It comes as a shock to be here. Oh, babies are loved but as they grow and learn the ways of the world, it is easy to slip from grace and peace into tears and tantrums.

There is no arguing in heaven, so my poor Jesus, stuck with Peter and Judas, and the religious that were always complaining that He was breaking the law, when He was fulfilling it. Don’t heal someone on the Sabbath, really? And you can’t save and heal. What were they thinking. Not about the Messiah, but about themselves and money and politics, just like people now.

Personally, I never really liked politics. I like a good mystery but not these awful shows now, I can do without them. God isn’t getting glory, and evil people should not. I’m looking forward to heaven. I won’t be bored. Some people think it would be, but I don’t think they would like the other place.

And what is a shame is that He loves everyone of us just as if we were the only one He came for. Don’t turn your back on that kind of love. If you don’t know it, get to know Jesus, And if you do, you know what I am talking about.

I mess up everyday oh, not like I am into something bad but even the little digs and quarrels that arise. Questioning myself if I am too hard on someone or they to me? Am I too sensitive? I tried being the strong one, but He has to be. The waiting, the wondering, and I know better than to doubt or limit that love, and yet,  I could use a break from my routine that tries to share His love and yet sometimes goes unnoticed.

But l really do know why He loves me so, and I hope you do too.

Renato Abati / pexels


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