Lost Loves / Wednesday Bonus

Have you ever lost a love? We all have, from the so called puppy love to even a beloved pet. We have lost loved ones, perhaps been divorced, the one that got away, regrets. We have lost friends, babies, even children. Losing a love hurts, it hurts deeply and can cause lots of grief and sadness.

The good news is His love is deeper still, and for believers, He has our loves, and His love is one we will never lose. It is unwavering, unconditional and eternal.  It is agape, the highest love. And I know He holds time in His hand and eternity and He makes things beautiful in His time.

Through Christ, you can have hope of seeing that love again. Or even restoration of a marriage, if not that an even better one. Losing love is really hard, but is it ever lost really? We have our good memories, and God will heal the bad, erase the hurt, temper the anger and cover the shame and scars.

Everyone wants love, but often they confuse it with the physical, and disregard spiritual altogether. God is a Spirit and He is love, He doesn’t have it, He is it. Many people put conditions on love, then you have to be in control. Man forget their place under God, and abuse the authority they have, and women lash out in anger, verbal abuse will lead to physical. That is not love, not just providing a house, but making it a home.

There were many lost things in the Bible, sheep, the shepherd would leave the ninety nine and go after the one. A lost coin that a woman swept and finally found, a prodigal son welcomed by the father. God is definitely in the lost and found business. He searches for the lost, in fact, Jesus came to seek and to save that which was lost. If they believe.

Do you believe God can find lost loves in your life? Not to get you online with an old flame to rekindle a fly by night romance, but true and lasting love? Do you believe He can restore your prodigals, even your lost hopes and dreams, the health you have ruined by grieving a lost love? Have you like the church of Ephesus left your first love, Jesus, looking for love in some wrong way, he can restore you.

Do you believe He can and did leave you His peace? That nothing is too hard for HIm? That He loves you with an everlasting love and wants you have joy instead of mourning, beauty for ashes? Well, I pray for you today that he removes that spirit of heaviness and covers you with his peaceful feathers, that He is your kabodi or shield, His presence will shield you from the fiery darts that pain your soul over and over. I speak His peace and joy to you and the restoration of lost love, and His love to abound in your heart.

It is one thing to lose a twenty, another to lose a business, or place to live or work. One thing to lose a relationship, another to miss out on the love He has.  I know He finds lost things, I told someone in a comment the other day on a blog post how I lost a key chain, years later my aunt cleaned out a storage shed, she was always getting bulk items from a store when they closed out something, and what do you know, my key chain, the very last one.

If He can get me a key chain, that wasn’t a life or death problem, He certainly can calm my stormy seas, settle the butterflies in my stomach and let me love like He wants me to, who and when. Love is never lost when it is imprinted in His hands. And on our heart. He calls us by name and we are His, and we will never lose His love.

Anderson Miranda

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