Touching The Mercy Seat

Remember story of Uzzah? He was the one following the Ark of the Covenant back to Jerusalem. When something caused it to tilt, he reached to keep it from falling, and was killed on the spot. In the Old Testament, it was forbidden to touch the Mercy Seat. God did not want poor Uzzah dead, it was just the law at the time.

The power there was so intense. I read recently that it actually electrocuted him. There were so many laws and rituals even the High Priest would go through. The crucifixion of Christ gave us a new covenant, and a new High Priest forever, Jesus, Himself. Now back in the day the glory of God, His very Spirit even rested there.

Jesus changed that with His torn flesh allowing us access to the throne of His Father. Jesus touched a lot of people in the Bible and now we can touch Him, without fear. Many people are unsure of the Holy Spirit coming over people, He understands that, but we need His power to defeat the enemy. We can never do it in our own strength.

I have heard people describe that power as like lightning, I have felt it myself. But it does not electrocute you. You are able to touch the Mercy Seat of Christ because He is in your heart. The Holy Spirit also feels like wind, gentle and peaceful. I have felt many merciful breezes. And sometimes a more powerful one that overcomes you.

Sometimes, you just feel His love, other times if He is grieved. And others a burning like fire. God is a consuming fire and like a burning bush that remains in tact and men in a fiery furnace, we are safe in Him but what needs to be pruned, burned away or even healed can be in the fire of His Spirit.

Many times it is a thick white light encompassing you, embracing you in a spiritual love that only Christ can give. The more you pray and seek Him the more the Holy Spirit will teach you and empower you. There are many gifts of the Spirit. There is healing in the Spirit. If we walk in the Spirit of power, love and a sound mind we won’t always be at war with the flesh.

There is peace in His presence in. There is joy, And there is everlasting love. Do you need a supernatural touch today. read the healing verses throughout the Word. He sent Jesus to be the Living Word, and He sent His Spirit to Comfort and teach. That same Spirit raised Him from the dead. And once departed the temple.

As a believer He  will not leave or forsake us, we are now His temple, Christ is on the mercy seat of our hearts. And you will not have to be afraid to touch the  very hem of His garment of the Mercy Seat. Have a blessed Day of Atonement. You can wear white or fast if you like.



5 thoughts on “Touching The Mercy Seat”

  1. So beautiful. We just don’t realize the grace we have been given through the New Covenant. His own Spirit here, available for us!Amen. Open our eyes more and more.


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