The Deepest Part of the Heart

Words I know are from the Holy Spirit rushed over my soul. ” Go to the deepest place of your heart and live there. ” And sure enough Jesus said to remain, abide or live in love didn’t He? In fact, everything we do should be in love. If anyone has a doubt that Christ has a tender heart, well, I just may have to say I’m sorry for you.

No one else could have done what He did for us, and I know things happen but that does not mean He is not there for us. He will not leave or forsake us we are not to be widows or orphans, even if we are. Jesus steps in, His heart is tender toward women, He understands the roles of both men and women. And He wants to be the center of the home and family, even marriage.

If you doubt His love, do you not remember that He wept and He bled, and still overcame all so that we might live forever in His kingdom. Thomas was not there when Jesus appeared to His disciples, later he would doubt and ask to plunge his hand into the Lord’s side. That is doubt, Love was Jesus letting Him.

I know we can go to that place in our hearts and not ever get into doubt or having an unbelieving heart, believers can fall prey to it. Hebrews 3:12. So what if you cry, wear it on your sleeve, as long as it is tears to Jesus. You don’t have to cry to just anyone, they may not understand but the one with the most tender heart of all does.

He allowed His tender heart to be pierced for you and me to know His love eternal, and receive good things from God. So where is this place. It is where Jesus is. He sits on the mercy seat of our heart, the Holy Spirit is the glory and we are to be the temple.

It is a secret place of the Most High, the shadow of the Almighty. It is a place of rest and communion with Him. It is a place of safety and peace, His peace, the precious gift He left us in John 14:27. And what is it not? Well, maybe it is not our prayer closet. Or even a war room.

I pray all the time, there is one place I like to pray but can’t go there everyday. It is not a place outside or in, a favorite spot in the garden or at the lake, not even taking a walk. Jesus prayed in lonely places, Gethsemane was one place or Judas would not have known where He would be, by the Sea of Galilee.

He prayed in lonely places but wasn’t always alone. The disciples were asleep, or panicking as their ship sank. We do it too. The place I believe the Spirit is saying to go is where Jesus is, stay there, remain close, no matter the storm or challenge. And if we don’t know what to pray He does, and He is praying for us I’m sure.

Whether or not you operate in spiritual gifts the Spirit is there and the love of Jesus, go to the tender heart, that is in your heart, and rest.



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