Angels for Strength


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Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do His commandments, hearkening unto the voice of His Word. Matthew  18:10

And there appeared to Him an angel from heaven, strengthening Him. ( Jesus ) Luke 22:43

Most people are very self conscious. Not to the point of excess necessarily, but it is there.  Many people are health conscious, and there is nothing wrong with that, unless too, it is in excess. Our bodies are the temple of His Spirit as a believer unless we start to worship it and not the Lord, it does happen that people turn their focus more their ways instead of His.

How many beautiful people are there who are ugly in their ways or personalities? Self consciousness allows us to deceive ourselves into thing we are in control, we can count on diets, doctors or vitamins, and I hate to even say this but I have to prayer, and miss it.

We need to be God conscious not self conscious. I can promise you and it is the truth I am sure, what I heard  from a girl who obsessed over a few pounds. Most people would love to look like this woman. And yet, she jogged even more. I do believe her that she heard the Holy Spirit tell her God was in charge of her health. The truth is you can over do anything, but He is ever merciful and is always there.

Jesus would have been the picture of health. We are supposed to be like Him in this world, and even He went through such things as are beyond human endurance, He needed strength and God sent angels to strengthen Him, both after the temptations in the wilderness and in Gethsemane. And you know what? Probably, other times as well, He often escaped those who would kill Him. Remember, the man on His mat at the pool?

I have told many people that young people die, even healthy people. God is looking at hearts, not if you are tall or short, what color you are or even your weight. If you are focused more on you than the one who loves you, the enemy can find ways to distract you or deceive you.

I’m not telling you not to exercise, not to eat healthy, and certainly not, not to pray. I never tell people not to go to the doctor or not take medicine. But I can’t count on that alone, I used to exercise four hours a day, it was too much. I was still a little heavy.

Doctors tried to diagnose me with depression when it was really grief, prayer stopped that. Let me be perfectly honest, only love heals. And not just our human love that has limits and expectations, but His love, His perfect love that never fails is what heals.

I know not everyone receives their miracle, but I believe we all have one. Let’s take another look at ourselves in God’s eyes. we are in the season of Teshuvah, before the Jewish New Year begins on September 30th and Yom Kippor on the 8th of October.

Teshuvah is the forty days before the New Year, a time to reflect, repent or fast. Christians are not required to observe these holidays. But I love studying Hebraic roots and have gleaned a lot of wisdom from them.

On Yom Kippor the high priest entered the temple once a year. Jesus is our High Priest as believe, He was the ultimate sacrifice, once and for all for believers. I think we should His Him the glory, for saving us, delivering us and healing us. He is the only one worthy, and has the last word on our lives. Jewish tradition is even that He decides your next year.

And though He is our strength, He has angels who can be set to strengthen us, and I need them, I’m sure you do. Ministering spirits strengthen us , mentally and physically, according to His purpose, in Jesus name.

This stained glass window is in St. Michael’s church, Sunninghill, Berkshire. His expression says it all, he understands pain.


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