Why People Aren’t Angels

Something I hate to hear is that people will say God needed another angel when it comes to someone’s passing, especially, children. And before you stop reading I am not being unkind to those who have suffered a loss, far from it. I have suffered     under grief to the point of oppression and I know what you are going through.

Yet, we need to clarify the facts. I have even heard today after speaking with someone, that you never get over it. Unfortunately, the people who often feel that way are sometimes the quickest to tell you to, ” Get over it. ” God knows the difference between heartache and heartbreak. He know all spirits because He is the Father of all spirits, some of them followed the wicked one and fell, but he has innumerable angels, He doesn’t need your child or family member to be one, He’s got plenty and could always make more.

People do not become angels when they die, in spite of that perception and the lovable angel from It’s A Wonderful Life, Clarence Oddbody. Cary Grant is more  believable in The Bishop’s Wife and even resists falling for his assignment, another reason angels fell in Genesis, they were on earth in a body to teach, nothing more.

You will be a spirit, because you already are a spirit, created in the image of God. You have a soul, mind, will and emotions. And you live in a body. You won’t marry in heaven, because there is no need to or to produce children. Jesus is the bride groom of the church. God is strong and loving like a father, and tender like a mother, so He made men and women. He doesn’t like for men to dominate women or children or abuse their authority, or for women to struggle with the fact they are supposed to be submissive, it just means working together.

We are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses as believers because the Holy Spirit is in us, how much we allow Him to teach us determines our walk with Christ. Angels and believers who have gone before are in a heavenly realm, angels will interact, and on rare occasions, people get glimpse, but that would have to be Jesus allowing it, I do not believe in contacting the dead. We are not to carry the dead, we are to mourn and be comforted by the Comforter. Anytime we need to be, days, weeks or years later. Jesus said to let the dead bury the dead, not to be unkind, but to never use that as an excuse not to follow Him or enjoy life, and even in reference to spiritually dead. Jesus more than anyone avoid using that word. God calls life to the dead, He was careful not to call them that, and the Pharisees, He said were religious but inside were full of dead men’s bones. He discerned better than anyone life and death.

I was told by someone with profound grief and that lived alone, that I would understand someday. Please don’t think I don’t. You can ask people who know me, really know me. And true some may think I may be hard on someone, I have been there, I know, and that is why speak the truth in love. He tells us not to grieve, the joy of the Lord is our strength.

When someone who has lost a child can reach out and pray for others by His grace, they are honoring God and that loved one, not being deceived by the spirit of grief, which can fester if left unchecked, to the point of destroying your life, marriage or mind. People who suffer from grief and depression, can turn to self medicating, and other traps of the enemy, play the blame game, even become suicidal. Guilt and shame factor in. The devil is a cruel master and Jesus tasted death because of the children, God’s children. He is the one we have to rely on when we mourn or grieve.

We never want to turn from Him in a misunderstanding of His timing. He is in control and knows all about life and death, let’s speak His life and His love, and above all receive His peace that is His gift to us in John 14:27. I hope this helps us to understand the truth about angels and loved ones.

Would you even recognize them as an angel? They won’t have wings. Even all angels may not have wings. And let me once again reassure you I have been there, I know about depression and grief, and loss. And Jesus is our High Priest, and easily touched by our infirmities, look what He bore.

I pray for you today, in Jesus name and speak healing and deliverance to your heart and soul. God would not want you in grief and neither would your love one. Open your heart to His love and stop carrying what you don’t have to because He did.


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