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I have read many books about angels over the years. Some I have had to discern to avoid New Age and other practices. And there are several good ones out there to read and many are from well know ministries.

Chicken Soup for the Soul has a new one out about angels, and though I have not read it yet there is Proof of Angels. It is the story of officers rescuing a baby from a wreck, upside down in the river, not one but several heard a female voice calling for help, when they righted vehicle, the mother was dead and the baby unconscious hanging in a car seat, they all agreed it was an angel.

Though there is no book  I know of Lili Leonardi, a former FBI agent saw angels in the Shanksburg Pennsylvania field on 9/ 11, in 2001. She said it was misty but there were lights and so many angels dressed like Roman centurions.

You will read lots of stories on the web and there some on YouTube, I want you to believe in angels and I want you to have Holy Spirit discernment as to the true ones and so of the more unlikely or untrue. God cannot lie, He tells us we are protected and we are and have been saved more times than we know.

As I said there are many books available and even works of fiction, but I recommend the ones by reputable ministries, and I even have to tell you much of the teaching may still be a little hard to believe, I have to admit as much as love the idea of angels, I was taken back. But fear of the spiritual world, should not prevent you from experiencing God’s best, the Holy Spirit helps your to learn and discern.

You do have to have and open mind and heart. For instance one story that many would have been leery of is a little boy who’s cousin had died, he was told not to talk about him. Missing him, while visiting his house again, he went to the swingset and just sat. He was seven and the boy five.

He saw the cousin walk up hand in hand with an angel and tell him that he was not in pain anymore, and was gone. I always warn people  about about trying to receive messages from loved ones. It is a practice the Bible warns about, however, if the Lord chose to raise the dead. in a manner of speaking to comfort that boy, I can’t say for sure, because He is love, it is possible. Even the disciples saw Moses and Elijah. Those are if true, and I ‘m not doubting His love here, just being on the caution side having see too many [ep[le deceived. They would be an exception and not the rule.

Let me please make that clear, DON”T TRY TO CONTACT THE DEAD, I would not attempt that, contacting those gone on, these few incidents that appear true, can mislead some people and I want you not to just rely on other people’s testimonies or even  a belief in angels, Jesus is Lord.

And He is in control.



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8 thoughts on “More About Angels”

  1. “…Lili Leonardi, a former FBI agent saw angels in the Shanksburg Pennsylvania field on 9/ 11, in 2001. She said it was misty but there were lights and so many angels dressed like Roman centurions.” That’s very interesting Rebecca. I’d never read that before.

    I do believe there are angels all around us that we cannot see. Of course, we cannot see them. Otherwise, we’d be frightened to death! I’m pretty sure I have a guardian angel— possibly more than one! LOL

    Thanks for linking up at InstaEncouragements!


  2. God reveals to those whom He reveals, yes we need great discernment for the enemy comes as an angel of light in his deception, as you would be aware Rebecca.
    But the Holy Spirit reveals the truth & God is not restricted by our “box categorization” of Him. 😉

    We are told throughout His Word that we are surrounded by great armies of Angels who do His Will for our protection & His glory… if God allows people to see them then there is a comfort or a warning in that for them.

    In this world full of skeptics God still moves in mysterious ways always within His principles though…even if it blows our minds! Which the infinite to the finite always does anyway.
    I agree seeking the Father through Jesus is the seeking we should all be doing not those who have already passed. The truth always points to the Father for His glory…Amen! 😀


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