Where Angels Walk

We talked before about angels not being afraid to go anywhere. They have appeared on battlefields, concentration camps, in countries where Jesus is not accepted. They are with people who never even realize it, in hopeless situations, ready to move at a moment’s notice in answer to prayer.

Their wings are ready to fly, their feet are ready to walk. They walk with saints and draw sinners to Christ as is lifted up. They walk in streets, cities of all sizes. They appear as angels, and may even walk as a person to cross your path. They are quick as lightning and slow as a gentle rain. They can travel at or beyond the speed of light and sound.

So, where do angels walk? Anywhere they are needed, any where God sends them. You might not think so, with all the commotion and chaos in the world, but they walk the halls of schools, elementary to colleges, workplaces and in homes.  They always accompany the holy Spirit and are walking with us as a believer.

In fact, God has sent angels ahead. Just like he did for Abraham in Genesis, from finding a wife to fighting off enemies, they have been sent to guide us and God has His good plans in motion. Only most people will fall short of His glory, having never experience the peace that He offers, they accept the status quo, when they should be praying perfect prayers in the Spirit.

How are we walking today. I had a painfully sore foot, I grimaced with every step. But I was thanking Him for healing it. Are we walking in faith or by sight. Do we see what the world sees, or do we see what God sees? ou should rest a lot easier know angels are walking among us.

Our walk with God is the most important thing in our lives, choosing Him and forsaking the world’s ideas and even our own to pursue the Prince of Peace. Funny thing, He has been pursuing use, and has even had angels following us and ahead of us. He sends them to clear the path.

I once read a story about a man’s grandfather who was a doctor in Texas, back in old days. He was on horseback making his rounds. Suddenly, it whinnied and reared. Like Baalam’s donkey, it would not go ahead. Then He saw a angel in front of him, it picked up two snakes, and threw them to the side so he could pass and treat patients.

Now, you may not have that kind of thing happen, and then again it is not impossible for Him to show you an angel or what you have been saved from. Though most people are unaware, they are tossing dangers to the side in many ways. He can even make the crooked places straight. Angels walk with God and where He sends them, and He send them to us through our faith in Jesus’ blood and sacrifice.

Father, in Jesus name, I pray for you to clear the way, as we journey back to you. Send your angels ahead, keep them beside us and all around us. We long to walk the streets of gold, and to walk in righteousness and in white before you. We want to walk with God, and we want to walk with angels.

Rebecca Jones

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