Why I Believe In Angels


Why do I believe in angels? I have lots of reasons, some are personal and some I don’t mind sharing at all. I read a children’s Bible at nine, was saved at eleven, got my first book about angels at seventeen, but never had a real interest in them until I was even older.

I always loved Jesus, just never understood why my prayers weren’t answered, they were, I knew too little about the adversary then. Now, I take a stand on His Word at won’t back down. A fallen angel has rule our world too long. And he is a fallen angel, with no glory and no anointing. Jesus is the holy one who gives it, and he cannot have it.

Never underestimate Jesus, and don’t get cocky about getting rid of the devil, you can cast him out, but it is Jesus with you doing it, it is His power and His authority.  Anyway, Long before I knew as much about the Bible, I discovered that I just had a sense of something bad not happening, like an angel whisper. Later, I would find out what actually happened and what could have, divine intervention and angelic assistance.

That has happened a lot, and while family members might not get me, Jesus does, and that’s all that matters. I pray angels over people all the time, and you may never know when you were protected until you get to heaven or who prayed for you be saved.

If you are saved you have angels charged over you, and even if you’re not from people praying for you. I know I have been prayed for and spared as I said, I found out later. That is the way Jesus works like preventive medicine only better. He will stop the enemy in his tracks. So, even if some things happen to you, they are not always the worst.

And should you be baptized in His Spirit, He will sometimes allow you glimpses of the spirit. You may even have a dream of vision,  trust only the Holy Spirit and His discernment, Never open doors through the occult, there is a flip side to angels and we want God’s angels over us.

As for divine intervention and angelic assistance there have been many life and death situation averted, some health related, cancers, and some were wrecks, either prevented or less serious. The more you can believe, the more He can do. And angels are always with His Spirit. And that’s why you can rest in Him.

It’s why you will go back to sleep, after waking to pray. You might not know what it it is but God has got in, and you can believe in angels. I have book after book of angel stories, some credible and some incredible. Maybe not all are true when you read or hear about them, discernment is the key.

While none of us like feeling foolish, or taken in, we never want doubt and unbelief to dissuade us either. I have had plenty of dreams, warnings even, and seen things that are  being taken care of by the Lord whatever they may be I don’t always know and I don”t need too. I just pray and God does His work, I just believe in angels.

Rebecca Jones

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