Mary’s Tears


Mary of Bethany is one of my favorite stories, she has been confused with Mary Magdalene, a a sinful woman, but Mary who sat at the feet of Jesus anointed the Lord for burial. It was she who poured the fragrance from the alabaster box upon Jesus. It was she who washed His feet and dried them with hair.

No doubt, Mary Magdalene cried her share of tears, and we can’t even begin to imagine the heart of His mother, Mary. She must have had bottles of tears in heaven. Angels and tears are on my heart these past few days, how they ministered to Jesus, no doubt they gathered His tears as well, and we are the beneficiaries of those tears, the heirs of salvation.

While angels may indeed collect the tears of the saints and even the repentant sinner, the tears that are precious to God are a built in mechanism to release our frustration, and fears to Him.

Basal tears are protection for the eyes, from dust and other elements, they keep the corneal well lubricated, I hate having dry eyes, I keep eye drops handy. Crying tears from onions would be reflex tears, one of the three types of tears. Psychic tears as they are called are from emotions. I am leaving a link for you to see how different tears look and a microscope, you can see the difference.

Tears of grief, look broken.  Tears from laughter look like paint tossed  on a canvas, if they were colored, they would explode with joyous reds and blues, purples. And they might even sparkle.

Mary’s sorrow at her sin was evident, but she had repented. This sorrow was grief that He would give His life not only for her, but all of us, even His mother Mary, and all of them.

She sat at His feet and listened to the one needful thing, His words. And in spite of the religious leaders and the traitor, Judas. She made her way to Simon’s house. He wasn’t a leper anymore.  Pushing her way to a reclining Jesus, who was at  rest, and even peace with His destiny, she broke the bottle and wept.  She did what no one else had, to wash His feet, as was the custom upon entering a house.

There are so many layers, beautiful ones to this story. When we weep tears of sincere repentance, holy tears as we believe His promises, we are in essence breaking our bottles at His feet, but we are not anointing Him for burial, oh no, He will  never die again. Instead, we are allowing Him to heal and restore, even resurrect us.

We produce thirty gallons a year, I know many of those I pour out of my alabaster box at the feet of Jesus.

Kati / pexels

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