Heaven’s Tears


Psalm 26:3, says if you sow in tears, you will reap joy. A lot of people cry about a lot of things and for a lot of reasons. Some tears will be false and manipulative, even insincere, but God knows hearts.

I have seen people cry to get their way, like children and others almost like they have to. And men don’t usually cry, but Joseph did and of course,Jesus did. Personally, I didn’t cry for a long time, trying to be strong in faith, that was a mistake.

Emotional tears are what a lot of people cry, and you shouldn’t  cry so much as to be overly emotional, you can cave in and give yourself over to grief, that is not good. I know that first hand, God will help you discern.

But I cried, after hearing a prayer, and it flooded a release of pain and anguish. It even required more prayer. More tears. I have learned not cry over spilled milk as the saying goes, not over some silly remarks.

Yet, my tears are are deep, from the other evening they were over much deeper hurts, the way some people are treating others and the way they are being used by the enemy of our soul, it is really harming them. I pray intercession, sometimes there are tears.

Like Jesus wept, so do we when our hearts are hurting and broken, and when we pour out our souls on the altar of His grace, when we sow in tears, we will one day reap in joy, and He will we them all away. Angels may gather them but He stops them, angels are all around gathering tears and hearts to Him, but He is the only one worthy, and He will end the tears of the righteous.

It may be raining tears around the world as suffering is a part of life. God does give a free will and as long as people are not following Him they will continue to inflict pain, and I pray His mercy drops like the rain but also that as the tears pour, His joy will stir in us.

He is our joy and our peace, and He would not have us grieving and blocking His joy, not grieve the Spirit with sin and hindering His work in us and others. So as the rain pours and so do tears, He is sending angels into it and they are charged with working for us, His tears watered our souls from a garden and the cross.

And now our tears water the prayers we pray over ourselves and others. They are like seeds in a garden  and will have to come up roses with Jesus and joy.

Josh Hild / pexels


2 thoughts on “Heaven’s Tears”

  1. I like to say to life there is no such thing as an unexpressed emotion. We all are hurt and feel pain unfortunately we can be hurt so much that our feelings shut down. When that happens the pain will manifest elsewhere through illness, anger, control, manipulation and other ways.

    When Jesus healed my wife and I of childhood trauma He also healed our hearts. We had to learn how to express emotions positively. It took time but we learned. Now we cry freely. A good cry certainly can release pain faster than a New York comeback. I am so thankful our Father heals every part of us as we follow Him!

    Homer Les

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