Angels, Roses, and Rain

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Angels, roses and rain. Three of my favorite things, though it is a line from a sad old country music song. It actually says angels cry roses and rain. I doubt that is true, angels are not emotional like people, they do the will of God, and still it is a nice imagery.

The one who actually wept was our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Though it says He wept at the tomb of Lazarus, and over Jerusalem, and the shortest verse in the Bible, Jesus wept. John 11:35, you can be sure Jesus wept more than that during His time on earth.

So, if anyone could cry roses and rain, it would be Jesus. And He is still there making intercession for us. And the Holy Spirit prays for us when we don’t know how, even with moaning and groaning that can be expressed or uttered in words, it is the deepest for of prayer and love and love is the greatest gift of all.

Love is a more excellent way, it is above and exceeds spiritual gifts. Even though we are to follow love and desire spiritual gifts, in effect, follow Jesus and walk in the Spirit. Surely, the Rose of Sharon shed tears before raising His friend Lazarus, and who was there but Mary, and she anointed Him for burial and wept.

He cried over Jerusalem wanting to gather them in but they refused, though He would cover them with healing wings, they would choose to crucify Him instead. And yet, He loved them. And still does.

Jesus knows about forgiveness and He is the epitome of His Father’s love. Weeping can last more than a night but there is joy in the morning and in the light of His pure love. I wanted to revisit the role of tears this week, ours, His.

Surely, He has experienced everything we do and know our hearts intimately. He turned water to wine, and will tear to joy, beauty comes from the sorrowful ashes as the Spirit burns away, the temporal, the vain, the things that are of the flesh and not of the Spirit. It will cause tears as we shed our old selves and turn from the ways of the world, we learn to  walk in His ways that are higher than ours and think His higher thoughts.

If anybody knows tears, it is Jesus, and roses and rain are there to remind us of His tears and Jesus. And angels well, they aren’t crying, but desire to look into our salvation. Just thinking of angels, roses and rain.  photo pexels

Please enjoy my Pinterest board, I have and will add links to other blog posts on tears, I know soon He will wipe them away.

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