Angels of God


I have to let you in on something. I write a lot about angels. Poetry, stories and of course Bible studies. Recently, I had a post about stars on a fellow bloggers sight, She describes my writing as whimsical.

I suppose it is. But angels are very real, I know this week already some ways that have protected people, I get a lot of prayer requests, and sometimes I hear reports back. And I know they are out working bringing His benefits to believers, and making efforts to bring people to the saving grace of Christ.

I like to just think about all the things they could be doing, it is not out of reach that they sing with birds or chase butterflies. The probably push aside the clouds and blanket the night with stars as my post said.

They wrap comforting wings around you whether you know it or not, they might even sing you to sleep gently through your tears,  I have had nights like that and I’m sure you have to.

So knowing God and His angels are there is a great comfort, feeling His love is wonderful, embracing His grace, empowering. He has our tears and keeps them in a bottle, maybe angels collect them.

And I have to do is believe, to be still and know He is God. Psalm 46:10. And while they may drop  feathers or pennies from heaven to make us smile, they are not merely flights of fantasy or fiction, they take wing on the wind of His Spirit and fly high to the face of God, Himself and are charge with our protection.

Whimsical, is a great description, fanciful or even carefree would describe my thoughts on angels, and I know very little about them compared to what the Father does. I just want you to know that they are neither fairy tale nor fantasy, imagination or mere muse, they are real and powerful beings created by God to act on His words, that is why we want our prayers to agree with His will, and while many experience His mercy only, others will come to know His perfect will and walk in the Spirit, side by side with the angels, seen or unseen.

I have learned to take nothing for granted, people who have suffered and overcome a traumatic injury will understand or some who have had an near death experience. You are happy you can bathe yourself, go for a walk, or even take out the trash.

I am thankful for every breath and every step, and I am always grateful for I know I have seen His angelic deliverance many times, you love more deeply, hug a little tighter, value time and life all the more, your prayers are more blessed and you look at things with a different point of view. You might even get whimsical.

Seriously though, God is in control, let Him take charge and charge His angels. Here’s a link to my other post.  Thanks again, Marva.

Wish Upon a Star and Bask in God’s Glory

2 thoughts on “Angels of God”

  1. Yes!! Angels are real, very present, and at work, doing God’s will in Heaven and on earth. Thanks for this reminder, Rebecca. Many blessings to you!


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