Angels and Shame

Instead of your shame you shall have double honor, and instead of confusion they shall rejoice in their portion. Therefore in their land they shall possess double; everlasting joy shall be theirs. Isaiah 61:7
I was upset over the weekend. I used to see those dog shaming pictures. You know, like ” I chewed up the Bible, I’m sorry Jesus. And they were cute, some of them. The father imitating his tattooed and made up daughter to embarrass her, should have embarrassed them both. Some might be funny, others are just cruel, that i what’s bothering me about people.
How does a sense of humor, and being able to laugh at yourself turn into self deprecation and even cruelty?  Let me tell you what shame is, Isaiah 53. And He did that for us.
When will people ever learn? Probably not until the Prince of Peace returns. He took our shame as believers, are we going to shame Him with our words and actions? Or be a light in a dark world?
The above promise is for believers, those who don’t know Him will face torment and everlasting shame. That is why we need to not be ashamed of the gospel of Christ, the good news of what He suffered to set us free. It wasn’t fun for Him, but He counted it joy for us to become believers. And angels are there for our benefit. Psalm 103.
So let’s learn the difference between fun and coarse jesting as the Bible puts it, love and condemnation, only His perfect love will rid us of fear. Let’s stop the blame games and shame games, we’ve all done and said wrong things, have all been sinners, and all have access to grace, but do we receive it or trample it and insult the very Spirit of grace, Himself?
And yet God laughs in heaven at how we think sometimes, I’m sure of it.
painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds

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