Angels In The Bible


We just can’t to go back and recap angels in the Bible. They are throughout the Old and New Testaments, were created before mankind and even the Garden of Eden, which is a copy of heaven’s Garden of God. The devil, a fallen angel called Lucifer, described as a cherub in Ezekiel, deceived Eve, Adam willfully sinned. People had a free will and made bad choices like today. And they suffer for it.

An angel guarded the garden to keep them out from eating more fruit and living forever in sin, one cherubim with a flaming sword  would very well be a pre-incarnate Jesus. Jesus, as the Angel of the Lord visited, Sarah and Abraham, even Hagar, later wrestled with Jacob, who had seen them coming and going a ladder or stairs.

Manoah and his wife hear about their son, Samson, from the angel of the Lord. Daniel prayed and sees and angel who told him his prayers were heard the first day. That angel needed help to get through and it took three weeks, it is a great illustration of spiritual warfare.

Angels do more than make announcements or in and praise God, though they do that too. Much more, as when have studied already they are prominent in the story of Jesus’ birth, give a warning message, also with John the Baptist’s birth, it would appear that angels are very close to babies and we should be praying over them, also expectant mothers and even before, God has good plans.

Angels ministered to Jesus, after temptation and in Gethsemane. They are ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation. Hebrews has a lot to say about angels. As do many verses. And angel sets Peter free from prison, and have so many tasks to perform in the end end of the age, and are all through the book of Revelation.

And of course, there was the fearful Gideon, whose offering was consumed, Elijah was fed by an angel and still to come the talking donkey story, another post. We are just reviewing a little today.  So what is your favorite angel story? Mary? Jacob? Jesus?

I have to like the one about Sarah laughing, one of the three angels is the Angel of the Lord, even after twenty five years and lie and family turmoil, if Jesus say, you’ll have a son, well, don’t laugh.


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