The Beauty Of Christ

Many of you know I have a lot of Pinterest boards. I intentionally fill it with beauty and peaceful pictures to enjoy. The same friend who told me she looked at it for two hours recently commented on one that was a of a pretty, red rose against a lady’s pair of jeans. I told her she had an eye for beauty like I do. Like many of us do and like some who don’t even know they have it, and it is a gift to be able to look past the bad and see the beauty, the beauty of Christ. The man who’s disfigurement saved millions, He is the one who knows beauty, and the beauty of angelic help, real and powerful, not just a cherubic Cupid.

He was there as the Father spoke and the Spirit move. Beauty was created. He left heaven a place of beauty, to come to a still beautiful but fallen world, to save people, some beautiful and some not so much, some were beautiful or handsome, but there ways caused them to need a Savior.

It’s not a fairy tale or a tall tale, it takes the Holy Spirit and His discernment when it comes to people and it takes wisdom, but is the Spirit of truth and will reveal the beauty and fragrance of salvation to those who seek with their whole hearts. Like a red rose that pops with color against blue jeans or a puffy white cloud in a baby blue sky, so is the beauty of Christ. A hear is about to be dropped into a lady’s pinafore, a beautiful picture but how much more the love dropped into our spirit through Christ?

You can have a terrible day and make it a good one by remembering God’s goodness and seeing something past the worries or cares. It takes imagination, a holy one, at times, for some lives have been steeped in darkness, and not necessarily of their own making. Those of us who can see beyond trial and offer grace and peace in the Lord.

Whoever has a bountiful eye will be blessed. Proverbs 22:9 It goes on to speak of sharing bread with the poor, not only food but spiritual bread, Jesus, manna from heaven and the bread of heaven. What are some things that show the beauty of Christ? His loving sacrifice for us, how cruel and yet God spared not His own for us, the resurrected Jesus, is the beauty from that pain.

There are many stories of beauty for ashes, joy from sorrow. He gave so much for those who did not deserve it, He showed compassion even from the cross, when He was shown none. But there are many ways He gives us His beauty, whether a picture of a rose or the rose itself.

His beauty is in all of creation from the dawn of day to setting sun. It is in music, motherhood, masterpieces of God’s love. It is in the creatures great and small, the delicate wing of a butterfly or the splashing fin of a whale. It is in the breath we breath, the flowers of the fields, the stars in the night sky. Angels are no less an image of beauty, though we have varying description the the Bible, and testimony from some who have been visited, there are so many more beautiful angels that we have yet to see or entertain unaware.

It is prayer and praise, kneeling and palms high. It is worship and song and it is quiet and still. It is in the peace that is the gift of Christ from John 14:27. It is His light and love. The warmth we feel come over us when we realized how much we are loved by Him, and how much we love Him. That is the essence of His beauty, and I can believe angel wings brush past us on a daily basis. They envelope us in His protection as commanded, and embrace us with His Spirit ann unseen hands but the can very much be felt in His love and presence. And angels are a part of that, ministering to us.

A bountiful eye will see beyond the home, the neighborhood, into the lives they touch by prayer and intercession, whether active in ministry or not. A bountiful eye looks across fields of flowers, across gray skies into blue. It will see beyond the here and now and hope in a brighter day, and any day that is spent with the Lord is bountiful.

He will help you see beyond, ashes are terrible, black charred, the misery of the multitudes, Jesus was the burnt offering, all offerings, the one once and for all. He is all we needed to open the throne room of heaven, He was all we needed to bring us grace and truth and He was all we needed to obtain salvation. He is our everything and I praise Him for it and that I have been privileged to know the beauty of Christ.


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