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Angels are called ministering spirits in Hebrews 1:14. we have already talked about how they ministered to Jesus and He sent them to minister for us and the heirs of salvation. While their primary roles are worshiping God and Jesus, the secondary one is that of servant.

Angels are always in the company of the Holy Spirit. Though the Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity, and I’m sure He receives their adoration as well, His role is also to in dwell believers and teach and guide them, the very Spirit of Christ that even raised Him in us, how wonderful is that?

Let’s look at some ways angels are ministering spirits.

They are couriers or messengers. No doubt they bring message to people but perhaps other angels as well, and even reports to their superiors.

The deliver His Word, the watcher handed down a judgement in Job. Gabriel made annunciations. They appear in Revelation as John is told what to write.

They comfort, along the with comforter and encourage, all they are not given to emotion and the Holy Spirit is not necessarily moved by emotion, but He understands them because of Jesus. You can hurt, disappoint, and grieve the Spirit. You cannot deceive Him, as Ananias and Sapphira tried to. You are much better off telling the truth, and asking forgiveness than continuing to willfully sin.

They strengthen and this is a prayer of mine, I ask God to let them strengthen me. You can get so burned out in the natural and more so in the supernatural , if you are in warfare and not familiar with His rest You will never defeat the enemy in your own strength. Sometimes eating go along with this, and if you fast it does not have to be drastic. Don’t fast if you are on a lot of medication, He understands, give up a cup of coffee.

They protect us and all we need to do is read Psalm 91 for that one, thought there are other verse should you care to do your own study. They can be defensive angels in that protection or offensive ones by doing battle. That is in effect, yet a third role of ministering spirits.

They deliver us, though there are number of instances, let’s use Peter’s imprisonment, the angel woke him and took him from prison, the night before his trial which also goes to our next point that they promote the gospel.

By releasing Peter, God’s Word continued to be preached, no doubt they have rescued man since who have taught the Word, so that many would receive salvation and they would keep on be ministering spirits.

A fourth role would be separating wheat from tares, true believers from pretenders, they will return with Jesus, at the Rapture, or catching away, and at the Second Coming. They will deliver the unrighteous for Judgement, and escort believers into eternal life.

Do you know of any other role angels play in our lives, if so leave a comment, and please feel free to do your own study. I found this one I have taught way back in 2006. We are so blessed to have ministering spirits, and I am glad they can strengthen.

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2 thoughts on “Ministering Spirits”

  1. Hi Rebecca! I love that verse in Psalm 91 which says God will ‘command His angels concerning us, to guard us in all our ways’. I pray this over my kids often and it’s humbling to me too that God will show us such great concern to have His angels take care of us. Just wow!
    Marva | SunSparkleShine


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