Protective Angels

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We are all so very familiar with Psalm 91 that sometimes we start to relax a bit, and that is fine, we should be comfortable in His love and protection, but when we are to be bold as witnesses or standing for what is right, we need to to rely on that protection of blood covenant with Jesus.

His angels protect us as we pray for others through intercession, I have to laugh at myself about my having said that I never use writing prompts, when in fact, I am prompted a lot by the Spirit, about what to write, what and who to pray for. Let’s talk about angelic or Spirit promptings.

You may be burdened to pray, and you should because the Lord is asking you to, and pray until you feel a release and thank Him for protection, angels and even answers. You may think of a name a face pop in your head. Once I thought of a name, and I knew it sounded familiar, later I saw it in the credits of a show. That is where I had seen it, I didn’t know the woman. Sometimes, He will show you or speak by the Spirit. Or in a dream, even visions. But I don’t even need to know, really, unless it is super important or pertaining directly to me, I don’t have to know.

Psalm 91 protects us in many ways,from the snare of the fowler, enemy traps. Noisy pestilences, demons and diseases, Destruction in darkness and noon day. God created the dark to be good, a place of rest in the night. There is no darkness in Him, and should not be any in us. Don’t let anything in that keeps you from seeing the light. And some offerings were made to demons at noon.

Imagine treading over snakes and scorpions, well you do in the spirit, and sometimes, He may show you. He sets us on high because we know His name. So Psalm 91 is powerful, and protective, full of His presence and that of His holy angels who are on guard for us.

The takeaway from this is that protective angels have always been sent by God and Jesus’ sacrifice has allowed us even more access to heaven. We can go the throne of grace and ask Him for the angelic protection He promised. When we pray and plead the blood over ourselves and other and angels over us, we are giving ourselves and our families and others into His care, Of course, the other person has to receive Him as Lord and they have a free will.

God is not going to force His love, His will or angels on you, but I am certainly glad they are there because I know He had me pray and intercede for family on more than one occasion, life and death situations and I know I have had the benefit of angelic protection, and protected as well.

And I am always grateful for Him and Psalm 91, and His protective angels.



Poème de l’âme 3, l’Ange et la mère” by Louis Janmot








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