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I decided to look up a muse. It is funny, amuse, as in amusement means to entertain or have fun, but to muse is to consider something thoroughly, it is a a verb. Much like Mary pondering things in her heart. We can share what God inspires us to and sometimes it is for own benefit. As a noun it is usually a woman who inspires creativity. She is a source of artistic aspiration or inspiration.

She can be a real and beautiful woman, a maiden from the past who inspired writers, artists and sculptors. I don’t usually make a Pinterest board first, but I did this time before my post, because as I am writing about angels, I wanted to have something to get the idea across. Are angels muses? No, not really.

To be honest, I don’t believe angels are muses in the same sense that we see the little Cupids dancing around ladies and flinging arrows of love. Do angels have a role in putting people together? Absolutely! God can make perfect matches, but don’t count on just any advice, even some that may include spiritual, not everyone claiming to be spirit will be obeying God. You need God’s wisdom and the Holy Spirit promptings but He will charge angels to guide marriages and protect them, even restore and save them, And in some cases, He has moved women to safety.

Do angels whisper instruction and inspiration? Creative or otherwise? They do, but real muses are in line with the Lord’s will for a believer. To muse is to think or meditate in silence, as in prayer or resting in His promises. I am probably the only one in my family who has an interest in art.

I used to go to the art store at the mall and buy Raphael Christmas cards. I have a Raphael tote bag and umbrella, you the know the painting with the two angels looking up, it is from the bottom of the Madonna and Child. I love paintings and I don’t own very many but I do have a few, some in need of hanging. Nothing that expensive, perhaps, one day.

So, I hope I have cleared up what a muse is and isn’t. It could be an angel, and should be. There are many believers who have not even begun to delve into their potential. We should expect angels to work on our behalf, God is for us. It is the enemy who works against God’s plans to hinder them, but he cannot stop God’s plans for His children, we sure hinder Him sometimes though. let’s try not to, let Him help. He knows best.

So muses can be angels, they have been used in mythology and art, and even music and poetry. You may see them in many variations, some I included on my board. Only for the purpose of enjoying the artwork, I am not into mythology or gods and goddesses, art can be enjoyed and in good taste, God created beauty of all kinds, it does not have to be distorted. Did David have muse as he wrote Psalms or Solomon, Proverbs? Perhaps.

Heavenly angels are always with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit speaks what He hears if we can ever learn to listen and discern His voice from all the droning and noise of the world. We have to learn to to discern as believers, He is peace in the chaos.

The next time you feel a tickling in the ear, it just may be a muse, maybe, not a cherubic cutie, but a real messenger of God, so sit down and write, compose or paint. Who knows? God, our Father, is creative, shouldn’t His children be? Isn’t that a-muse-ing? And angels can help bring us the Lord’s joy. I just updated this a little, it is always a top post, so I am sure His angels are working. And He lets me rest.



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6 thoughts on “Now That’s ‘s A Muse-ing”

  1. Angels are a mystery at times but I believe in them. Thanks so much for linking up at our party – #FaithAndWorshipChristianWeekend 10. Shared.


  2. I love that our Heavenly Father loves us enough to send angels to help us. My family has several encounters that we attribute to God’s angels. Love this. Thanks for linking up with us at the #FaithAndWorshipChristianWeekend 10


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