The Silence of Angels

I never thought of heaven as quiet place, but I believer there is a level of solitude and exceptional peace. It is not just all singing and dancing praise and worship, though that is ongoing. I would love that too, but only for a while, I would step on over to that peace and stillness, even closer to God.

I believe there will be reading and art, and all the things I have grown to love in my life as a believer, and after finding His rest. There is joy in His rest. You may watch children play in the streets of gold and feel like joining them or just rock babies in a heavenly nursery.

Heaven will  be quiet and still, something we have lost in our society. I know Ecclesiastes warns us not to long for the good old days, and I don’t. I would hate no plumbing and doing laundry on a rock, but people used to communicate. We could read to each other or write letters. we could carry on a conversation that is not just a few letters with inference.

There were bandstands and ice cream socials, boat rides in the park, I found some old pictures of a local park from over a hundred years ago, it was crowded with families. It was a quiet, peaceful and serene setting for picnics and conversation and even romance. Our park is still there, it is still an active place but I would guess that most people are barely looking up from a phone.

I love computing, but texts, tweets and comments don’t add up. Your children shouldn’t text you from upstairs to bring them a sandwich or with some complaint about something. They should phone you with consideration and be home on time. You should know their friends not just friend anyone that crosses a screen.

Our society demands a go, go, and keep going attitude. I wrote about rest and even mentioned it on a prayer board, and immediately a lady disagreed, something like, ” No, don’t rest, we’ve got to win souls, pray! ” Well, I do and did but I get tired. God is not punishing you with peace, He sent Jesus to punished for our peace.

If heaven can be quiet, I can be, it it is peaceful, I need to be. Let’s look at when heaven really is silent and not just because it was part of God’s rest. In Revelation 8, you can read for yourself that Jesus opens a seal and there is silence for half an hour. If heaven is silent, shouldn’t we be. It doesn’t have to be a retreat or some fanatical way of looking at it.

There are martyrs being welcomed and it is like the temple ceremony of sacrifices, people were silent and reverent then, and you be believer there was silence after the cross, thought this has yet to be fulfilled John saw it, people have lost respect and reverence for the holy and for God.

I am not against praise and worship but we need to know there is a time to speak and one to be silent. And we need to no what the children of Israel refused His rest. We need time in His presence just to worship Him in His beauty and His holiness. we need to sleep to heal our minds and hearts, our very souls and our wounds from His.

There are places we are to be silent, libraries, hospitals, and court. I believe the court of heaven would have us be silent and to rest, so we won’t need hospitals and it has a fabulous library and eternity to read.

If Jesus knew how to be silent and still, then we should too, we can rest in the silence of His presence and the silence of His angels.

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6 thoughts on “The Silence of Angels”

  1. Ahhh…when I saw the word “Angels” in the title of the post, I thought it had to be yours! Thank you for the good thoughts on Heaven. I long for stillness, silence, and solitude sometimes too.


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