Resting Angels

I will be the first one to admit I would have never thought I needed an angel to rest, or even more than one, but guess what I do and probably all do. That rest of Hebrews 4 is so important, we’ve neglected it, misunderstood it and like the Israelites simply refused it, maybe not intentionally, but rejected it nonetheless.

Those who study Hebrew understand the Sabbath, as a day of no work at all. Orthodox Jews would not cook or handle money, would walk only so far, and now not even drive. There were so many more rule than the Ten Commandments, Jesus freed us from those with grace, by fulfilling the law and prophets. He operated in Judaism, and never sinned, though criticized and condemned for healing on the Sabbath.

His sacrifice brought in grace and truth, He was and is the Messiah, most failed to recognized, Yeshua Ha’Maschiach. Salvation itself. If only they had listened and rested, if only we could. We are still trying too hard as believers to keep commandments and laws, to do what Jesus did for us, so that He could save us. we are supposed to be like Him but we are not Him, we don’t know everything.

You see, Jesus understood rest, He was often alone, and in prayer, but He was also off giving of Himself, going out of His way to help others, that is what refreshed Him also. He obeyed His Father, even to death to give us a chance to be saved, to rest and to heal. Healing has to come with rest, who heals, who gives rest, He does.

It is not as hard as we make it on ourselves, we just need to rest in Him, rest the rest of faith, God rested after His work and so did Jesus, we are saved by grace, and have to grow and discern that new hidden life in Him, He left us His peace, but we can’t operate in that either, we’re just to tired.

We operate in the realm of heaven to earth, prayers go up blessings coming down, or at least we hope so, maybe. Jesus is that hope and there is no maybe about it. He already finished it. Went to heaven is seated at the right hand of the Father, who offered rest to the Israelites, who offers rest in Jesus, and still we refuse or just don’t get it.

Rest, it is okay. He understands, His Spirit is there to teach you, and if you need angels to help you rest, He will send them and don’t forget you serve the Prince of Peace. He operates from the point of view of heaven to earth, finished work, watching over His word to perform it.

Are we receiving it? Are we at rest with what He has already done and paid for on the cross or still struggling to get Him to do it? I spent many sleepless nights in prayer, just sat singing amazing grace in pain, still He already paid for my healing, I had to receive and you can’t if you don’t have the peace that passes understanding guarding your heart and mind. Phillipians 4:7 You will surely drop back into the old mindset, God doesn’t think like we do. He knows about rest.

And it is not just the Sabbath, sundown to sundown Friday or Saturday, or even Sunday, it is eternal. I believe eternal life starts when you become a believer, not when you die, or in the spiritual sense, I suppose it starts when we become alive from being dead in the tresspases of sin. He wanted that life to be abundant too. John 10:10 is the dividing line.

Jesus had to rest and sleep as a man, but He could even sleep through storms. Now, He doesn’t have to, neither do angels but they are at rest just because they are with Him and in His peaceful presence and they are ministering spirits sent to the heirs of salvation, us. And if we need a rest and we surely do. There are surely resting angels at His command.


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