Sunday Bonus: It’s All About The Rest

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I was just reading a post written by someone in the ministry a long time, she was writing about rest. How have we managed to miss God’s rest of faith from Hebrews 3 and 4? God offered it  to the israelites and they refused.

They murmured and complained and even when fed manna which is like Jesus as our manna from heaven, they weren’t satisfied. I have been that way, like being hungry still when you should be full, I’m grabbing a roll before I go to sleep.

We should hunger and thirst after His righteousness, for being righteous is what keeps the wicked one at bay, the fear, terror, and torment, even the anxiety and stress. Why can’t we rest and then work?

God created the world in six days and then rested, our first day of the week is Sunday, though I think most people think of it as Monday because of work or school. The Sabbath is actually Friday evening to Saturday for observant and even Messianic Jews, but we are under grace because Jesus fulfilled the law and the prophets. So God finished His work and rested, there was nothing left to do but watch over it, He gave His creation a paradise to enjoy but also a free will and they made a bad choice.

If it had not have been them it would have been someone else. When have any of us not made a bad decision or not decided to rest upon His promise. Oh, the peace that comes with the passing of understanding, receiving His gift of peace, John 14:27, is vital to a successful walk with God.

So why don’t we rest? God finished His work and rested, almost like an eternal Sabbath, and so did Jesus after being raised from the dead, and get that, please, were were crucified with Him and seated in heavenly places. He went and sat at the Father’s right hand and we are supposed to be spiritually seated with Him. He really raised our  “dead” spirits, do we want to fo back to that, wouldn’t we want the fruit instead, love, joy, peace, and look them up. Galatians 5:25.

Now, we are going to have to rest or we won’t get to the Promised Land, well, we might make heaven but with a lot of stress in between. So take a nap, cut out things that are not necessary, learn to say no.

You don’t need every app, to see every movie, you can’t read every book or join every group. I turn down things all the time and I can’t read everything even from fellow bloggers or writers who have good and helpful things to share. There are just not enough hours in a day.

But I have managed to get a lot done today even though I really rested. I know you may have to juggle a little to make yourself rest, specially with a family but it can be done and it is never too early to teach children about rest. Or about Jesus. I have seen children over my life become more hyper and more easily bored, don’t let technology take the place of fresh air and fun. Or so many activities that fill your schedule that you can’t rest, I see children going to school earlier, and with afternoon sports of classes, it is a lot.

Self help people will tell you about your body’s clock, but guess what? Evening and the morning were the first day. in the beginning, time was divided into watches. Jesus walks on water about 3 a.m. in the fourth watch, they were using Roman time, Matthew 14:25. But I believe daylight may have been twelve hours and dark twelve hours at one time. People lived a long  time, did they get twelve hours sleep?

Gradually, we let time close in or creep up on us, and Sunday morning and Wednesday night is not enough for most Christians to make it to  ” the rest of faith”. even if they have heard of it, they don’t necessarily do it or receive it, or even understand it.

Mark 13:34-36, tells us to watch,  ..… It is like a man going on a journey who left his house, put each servant in charge of his own task, and instructed the doorkeeper to keep watch. Therefore keep watch, because you do not know when the master of the house will return— whether in the evening, at midnight, when the rooster crows, or in the morning. Otherwise, he may arrive without notice and find you sleeping.…

In this case the Lord is the Master, and indeed the church is a asleep, because it is not resting in Him. So let’s remember, He makes things beautiful in His time and get some rest.


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