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Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, and have not charity, I am become as sounding brass, or a tinkling cymbal. 1 Corinthians 13:1 Now this is the KJV I grew up with but other translations say noisy gong or clanging cymbal. New Living even says if I speak the languages of earth and of the angels. I have a quote on my FB page. From Dave Roberson and I have to agree.

How can we speak languages we don’t know or have never learned? Only by His Spirit and the gift of tongues, though I have heard of a counterfeit to that. But believers will profess Jesus as Lord, and their prophetic words will be accurate. As always, we must be cautious and directed by the Spirit.  We also need the gift of discernment.

To me the passage describes the love of Jesus in great detail. So what about angelic tongues? Since speaking in tongues mysterious and directly to God, surely the very wording of the verse is indicative that we are asking God to send angels and He charges them with the assignments He know is best. Many people simply refuse to accept that there is such a gift.

I was terrified of it as a girl of twelve hearing it for the first time at a Pentecostal  Easter service, and I was there quite a few Sundays, off and on and a smaller Baptist church. I really never heard it on a regular basis. Kathryn Kuhlman scared me too, but I watched her.

It wasn’t until I was about thirty, I really sought the baptism of the Holy Spirit. Baptism in water is called John’s baptism. It was hard for me but one night a power hit me like lightning, fire from heaven, and the Holy Spirit was there. He always was but not like that. My mother had no problem, she watched a video and received at home, I was praying at night. She just flowed with a melodic and poetic tongue that is all kinds of language and no doubt some angelic. And sometimes you just had to laugh, the joy of the Lord, holy laughter.

I won’t say I was jealous, but I am the poetic one, Lord. Seriously, it is a powerful gift and one you must study out and practice. While it has saved us many times, we did not always pray that ay on a regular basis, and that allowed the enemy to sow in fear, and problems, even depression and grief. Those were difficult times.

While some people take medicine and I won’t tell you not to, I heard of a man who had the gift, he had become an invalid, on many medications, and was being taken care of by family. when reminded of that gift, he started praying and eventually came off the medication. Believe me, the doctor would know your healed and take you off. But don’t do it yourself, the enemy would trap you into something you may not be spiritually ready for. The Holy Spirit teaches us and we grow in grace.

Tongues of any kind, or of angels is not to be taken lightly. It takes devotion to the Lord and spending time in His presence. It is cleansing, refreshing, it stirs us up, builds up our faith. As for the tongues of angels, I have heard that Enoch was the last person to know the language. And also that some researchers had discovered it. or so they claim. The book of Enoch is not in the Bible, though Enoch was, many books are not. I have read some. Josephus is a Roman historian and I think a reliable source. The book of Jasher is mentioned in Samuel. It is also a Jewish history book.

The trouble is that someone could have copied manuscripts or doctored them from various sources and signed someone’s name. They may sound true and some may be but others are absolute nonsense, Jesus never married Mary Magdalene, that is how some angels fell, He knew that. He was and is the Son of God, though He was, at times, called the Angel of the Lord.

Whatever we are praying in the Spirit, God will direct His angels, we may or may not know. Sometimes God has us on a need to know basis. Sometimes, we don’t need to know. We’re not God and cannot grasp the infinite spiritual world like He does, the Holy Spirit will never lie or deceive.

So I hope this clarifies the gift of tongues and we may be speaking an angelic language. You can read about tongues and spiritual gift in 1 Corinthians 12, you may have a personal language and one is prophetic gifts in church, and you should have an interpreter and it should be orderly. Many people are aware of that but please believe it is a gift to use daily and as much as you need to. Whether or not you speak to angels, God will do it for you if not through you. He gives the gifts as He will, so I would ask Him to do God’s will if you decide, just don’t be afraid, the enemy will steal a blessing if you are.

Painting: The Guardian Angel Giovanni Francesco Barberi 1641




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